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By Lisa Doherty

The Makeup Dictionary

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As wearing makeup on a daily basis is becoming more acceptable in all settings, the beauty world is always looking for new ideas and ways to make a face look fresh, beautiful and healthy. In the last year, many new trends have hit the fashion world by storm, and with that comes new terminology. Baking, contouring, strobing, and luminizing are just to name a few. All of these techniques have become very popular with celebrity makeup artists and are finding their way into everyone’s mainstream makeup bag. These techniques are also life changing if you are looking for a new way to freshen up your face. 


Face baking was developed to help make your makeup last all day, period. It is a genius approach to keeping your foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush and powder in place without needing too many touch ups.

After applying your base concealer and foundation, use a damp beauty blender to pat a generous coat of setting powder on areas that you want to look brighter. Try underneath your eye, along your chin, down the center of your nose, and into the T zone area. Once this is completed, let it sit for 5 minutes and then apply a thin layer of translucent powder over top of the makeup. This technique is great for brides. They need their makeup to last all day long and to look great in pictures.

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Contouring is a way to give your face shape and help to recede areas we would like to see hidden. It provides the illusion of a defined cheekbone, jawline and a slender nose. Contouring is a way to make your face pop and give it an amazing shape. If this already sounds great, then you will be happy to know that it is also very easy to do with the right tools. Contouring looks great in pictures and can transform a face. The best areas to apply the contouring colour are under the cheekbones and up to the ears, along your jaw line, bottom of the chin, temples, and lightly along the hairline at the top of the forehead.

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If you prefer for your face to be brighter and catch light, then strobing is for you. Strobing is the fancy version of highlighting, and is taking over on the red carpets in Hollywood. Rather than shading, strobing accentuates your facial features and lets your face really shine. If you are going for a dewy or youthful glow, then this technique will do just that. 

All you need to complete this look is highlighter. I also recommend a foundation mixed with a luminizer (which we will talk about below) as your base. After you have applied your foundation and concealer, you can place highlighter above your cheekbones, at the tip of the nose, on the cupids bow above your lip, and just below your lips. Some makeup artists also choose to place it between the eyebrows and along the brow bone. These are the areas of the face that we want to bring forward into the light and accentuate.

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A luminizer is a way to make your face appear more dewy and moisturized all while wearing a full base of makeup. It can be mixed in with foundation and concealer so that your face does not appear dry, flaky and dehydrated. Some foundations have a luminizer in them and others do not. You can purchase luminizers separately, which is a good option for those who would like to control how dewy you would like your face to look. 

For this step in your makeup routine, simply put two pumps of foundation and one pump of luminizer on the back of your hand and mix them together. With a damp beauty blender or sponge, apply it to your face. It is important to dab it on, pressing it into the skin. Try not to wipe it onto your face. The damp beauty blender will add to the dewy look. After the foundation and luminizer are applied, you can then contour your face. If you feel that your skin is a bit too dewy after you’ve applied your base, simply apply a thin layer of translucent powder to your face with a light blush brush.

And there you have it. You are now up to speed with the newest terminology in the makeup world. Try some of these newest trends at home and see which works best for you.

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