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Celebrity Beauty Tips
for Travelling

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Packing beauty essentials for a trip - be it long or short haul - can be stressful. What beauty and skincare products to bring and what to leave behind? How much to bring and what products can multitask? 

For some of the niftiest tips on staying pretty on your travels, check out what these fabulous jet-setters have to say:

Jo Malone

The founder of one of Britain's most famous fragrance brands, Jo Malone is known for her eponymous label that she later sold to beauty giant Estée Lauder before setting up her second line, Jo Loves, in 2011.

Her trick to scaling down her make-up bag for a flight is by keeping makeup to a minimum: she sticks to neutral colours like beige and nudes, and relies on lip-gloss and disposable collagen sheets, which can double as an in-flight mask and cracked heels softener.

She swears by this beauty travel tip: always pamper your skin with a nourishing facial treatment the day before flying off. And to maintain the benefits, cleanse, moisturise, and spritz on a light facial spray just before takeoff and landing. A good facial massage with some argan oil and night cream will also help to stimulate your skin and keep it radiant in the morning.

Aerin Lauder

The granddaughter of Estée Lauder and Joseph Lauder (and the current style and image director for the family brand) would naturally know a thing or two about staying beautiful while travelling.

Aerin pares down her makeup bag to the following multi-tasking, fuss-free product: bronze illuminating powder, lip conditioner and lip gloss, as well as a face mist.

And the number one beauty travel rule she follows? Drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest, especially on long-haul flights. Plus, she indulges in a little dark chocolate to keep up her energy upon arrival.

Miranda Kerr

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The Australian supermodel doesn't walk the runway for Victoria's Secret without a few tricks on staying beautiful from head to toe.

First and foremost, she hydrates from within by loading up on water and herbal tea.

She preps her skin before a long flight firstly by removing all her makeup and applying rosehip oil from her own line of beauty products, KORA Organics, to her skin. This keeps it well protected and hydrated throughout the flight. And just before landing, she mists her face with a citrus mist to brighten up her complexion, followed by a tinted day cream, which serves as a lighter alternative to foundation. 

Makeup-wise, she applies some lip balm to her lips and to her cheekbones as a highlighter, curls her lashes, and applies two coats of mascara. Hey, no one said being a supermodel was easy!

Karlie Kloss

The American supermodel tries to keep her skincare routine when flying as simple and effective as possible.

She tends to travel makeup-free, and diligently applies a night cream (Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate) to moisturise her skin on a long-haul trip.

To stay looking fresh even after a long flight, she washes her face half an hour before landing before touching up with minimal make-up - mascara and tinted moisturiser.

Jet-setting all over the world for countless shows and shoots can take a toll on her skin, particularly with all the makeup she wears on a daily basis, so she religiously undoes any damage done during the day with an intense hydrating mask and night cream that restore moisture and radiance in her skin.

Bobbi Brown

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Who better to turn to for beauty advice than a professional makeup artist and the founder of one of the biggest cosmetics line in the world? Aside from setting up her eponymous label, Bobbi Brown has also written eight books - and counting - about beauty and makeup.

When packing for a trip, she goes for the 'less is more' approach with moisturiser, concealer, and a touch of rouge for cheeks and lips. With such a pared down routine, she can easily fit all her beauty travel essentials in a carry-on bag. She fills mini containers and palettes with basics such as concealer, rouge, and moisturising balm, and goes for multi-purpose products that let her streamline her baggage without having to sacrifice any part of her beauty routine.

To fight the dry air at high altitudes, she applies a moisturising balm on her face, lips, heels, and cuticles. 

What are some of your beauty tips for travelling? Share them in the Comments section below!

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