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5 Beauty Looks
You Can Always Count On

Lily Collins (Photo courtesy of Glamour)

With all the funky makeup out there (neon eyeliner anyone?), it's good to know that there are some looks you can always count on to look your best. With a flirty cat eye or classic red lips, you can take on pretty much any outfit. So make sure you master these fail-proof looks before experimenting with the new stuff:

1. The Smoky Eye

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

If there's anyone who can work smoky eye makeup, it's Cara Delevingne. The Brit model has always been bold and fearless in expressing herself through fashion and beauty. Being able to toggle easily between glam and edgy is what makes her a chameleon in the industry.

Just take this look for instance - smoky eyes and a confident gaze toughen up an elegant bun. So play up your peepers for night with loads of mascara and remember to always blend your eye shadow or risk looking like a racoon!

2. The Red Lip

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

Aside from eyeliner, lipstick is arguably one of the most powerful tools in your makeup bag. It immediately dresses up your face and transforms your look, making it look like you put in some effort even though you literally just charged out of the house. Red lipstick lets you play up the glam effortlessly, but here's a quick tip on how to nail your lip colour: 

If you have fair skin, opt for blue-based red. Olive, opt for orangey-red. And if you are dark-skinned, burgundy red is your best bet.

3. The Barely-There Nude

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

Less is definitely more, so the barely-there look is always in favour. For nudes, always go for a colour that is one shade darker than your skin tone. If you are fair-skinned like Lily Collins, try a nude shade that carries a hint of pink. Nudes with orange undertones work best on medium skin tones, while rosy or caramel browns lend a natural glow to darker skin. A swipe of mascara and some lip gloss are all you need to finish off your look.

4. The Strong Brow

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

Remember when string-thin brows were in during the late 90s and early 2000s? Thank goodness that phase is over. Thin brows not only make you look fierce (in a bad way), it is also high-maintenance! Strong, groomed brows, championed by beauties like Emma Watson, Lily Collins, and Cara Delevingne are having its rightful moment, so lay off the tweezers! Perfect your arch and dust some bronze eye shadow on your cupid's bow to let your peepers pop.

5. Blushing Beauty

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

For that sweet, peaches-and-cream glow, blusher is a must. Go for a bare-faced look and then play up those cheekbones with a blush colour that suits your skin tone. As with nudes, fair-skinned ladies should go for a blusher shade with more pink undertones, while those with warmer skin tones can opt for an apricot shade. Dark pinks would sit best on dark skin tones.

What are some go-to beauty looks you always fall back on to look your best? Share your tips in the Comments section below!

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