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6 Common Fashion Mistakes at the Office

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Your work outfit can play a huge role in your outlook and image at the office, as well as how your co-workers and bosses perceive you. As such, your sense of style is a powerful tool to wield in influencing other people's view and regard of you. Wield it well, and you might just find yourself helming more projects and getting promoted faster.

So take a minute to assess how you are being perceived at your workplace and make sure you don't make these fashion/career mistakes:

1. You Dress Your Age

Particularly when you are just starting out at work, dressing your age can hinder your success. Looking too young can work against you as older people in the company may be less to inclined to trust you, thinking that you lack the experience and maturity to do the job well.

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At the same time, dressing older than you are can work against you too, especially if you are working in a creative field where youth and vitality are qualities your company appreciates.

When dressing for work, ask yourself if you would have worn this in school. If the answer is yes, change up your style so that your outfit looks more grown up. In general, replacing something in a bright colour or print with something more muted or neutral, or throw on a structured jacket or handbag, will work.

Similarly, if something looks like what your mom would wear, shake things up and add a youthful element such as a statement necklace or platform shoes.

2. You Look Like the Odd One Out

To succeed at the workplace, you need to be a team player as well as an independent worker. And looking the part is halfway to being the part.

Teams have uniforms. Observe the people around you and notice the way they dress. Are they style-conscious? Conservative? Is there a colour palette they stick to mostly? Dressing in step with your team lets them know - at least at a subconscious level - that you are a part of them, and they will be more inclined to include you as a result.

3. You Blend In Too Well

Yes, of course you want to fit in and be a part of a team. But if you find yourself getting lost in a sea of anonymous drones, it's time to spruce up your look to distinguish yourself from your co-workers.

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Make sure your clothes are tailored and you look pulled together all the time. Looking like you've got your stuff together - especially if you are a leader - will make others see you that way too, thus making the idea of a promotion more conceivable.

4. You look Awkward in Your Clothes

Looking like Awkward Amy in ill-fitting or badly styled clothing can impact the way you are perceived at the workplace. When you feel good, you exude confidence. This is an attractive quality that people respond to. When you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, however, you hunch your shoulders and try to avoid being seen. That thwarts your chances of being recognised and chosen for opportunities for advancement.

So dress in a way that makes you feel strong, confident, and empowered. Others will detect those traits in you, and regard you with greater respect.

5. You Look Sloppy

"Business casual" can be a tricky concept to grasp. It depends on your work environment, but when in doubt dress up rather than dress down to show your co-workers and supervisors that you take your job seriously. That means no slouchy anything unless you pull it together with a snappy blazer or structured handbag - tailor your clothing if necessary. See how Olivia Palermo's pants fit her just right below?

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6. You Can't Be the Face of the Company

The higher you go on the corporate ladder, the more visible you become. Thus, you are more likely asked to represent your company and your boss.

Your boss would naturally want someone who can represent them well. This is where fashion plays a huge part. Mirroring (i.e. dressing like your boss) helps to make your boss believe that they see themselves in you and thus feel like they know you and trust you more.

All this is not to say that a great wardrobe will land you a major promotion or a bigger paychecque, but they definitely won't sabotage your chances while you pursue those goals. How you dress is an important factor in how you influence what others think of you.

So what are some ways you dress for your office and how do you maximise your chances of killing it at work? Share your tips in the Comments section below!

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