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5 Inventions
to Change the Future of Fashion

Heat-responsive garment by Lauren Bowker (Photo courtesy of the designer)

Compared to many other industries such as publishing, marketing, advertising, and even education, fashion is still mostly low-tech. It relies mainly on inventions of the past centuries like the sewing machine, zippers, dyes. The only things that have changed over the past few years is the way clothing has been made and sold.

It's time for some smart fashion that can potentially transform the industry, and in time change the way we buy and wear clothes?

Here are some ideas that can alter our perception of fashion:

1. "It's getting hot in here!"

Our body temperature changes throughout the day, so if our clothing can too, we will never have to complain about the weather again - especially in humid Singapore. How about a t-shirt that can store excess heat from your body and release it when required? Or a shirt that allows you to go from hot to cold environments and still feel comfy throughout the day thanks to moisture wicking properties? That way, we can keep cool and layer less on hot days, and stay warm on chillier ones!

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

2. "Dry house, wet clothes."

Swimwear that dries itself almost immediately? It's been realised in the form of quick-dry nanotechnology-enhanced swimwear fabric that is able to shed water as easily as skin. So why not extend that technology to regular clothing as well? Think of how much more convenient life can get - no need for driers and fear of getting drenched on rainy days.

3. "On Wednesdays we wear pink." 

Pastels, black, or multi-coloured? Who can predict whether we'll need a sartorial perk-me-up the next day or something in a sultrier shade later that evening, right? This is where clothing that changes colour to suit your mood would come in handy.

And apparently, there is already an invention that can change the colour of a piece of clothing. It's a light-emitting device that is thin and flexible enough to create electronic display screens on practically every material. Which means we can potentially change the colour of our clothes at our whim. Think of what that means for those of us who can't ever seem to decide which colour shoes or dresses to buy!

Lüme Collection - Electronically Infused Fashion by Elizabeth Bigger (Video courtesy of

4. "Out, damned spot!"

There's an arsenal of stain removers out in the market today. But wouldn't it be much easier if the fabric itself doesn't catch stains? Stain repellent clothing would eliminate the need for stain removers for good, so we never have to worry about spilling coffee or red wine on our crisp white blouses.

And who wouldn't like if our clothes stayed perfectly crisp and wrinkle-free all the time? Ironing helps, of course, but not only is it tedious the effect doesn't last. Wouldn't it be easier if fabrics came treated with a wrinkle-free chemical in the first place? Let's hope for the day we can finally say goodbye to dragging that heavy old iron across our clothes.

5. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

If you're afraid to step into a grill house or the food court because of the stench of food lingering on your clothes, you'll probably appreciate clothing that doesn't catch odours. Anti-bacterial chemicals are one thing, but how about going a step further and producing clothes that come with odour-resistant properties on top of killing bacteria? That way, everyone has a fair chance of setting off those pheromones!

What other potential inventions can you think of that can change the way we buy, wear, and view clothes? Share your ideas in the Comments section below!

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