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Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

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All you long haired gals out there! Stuck about what to do with your luscious locks? Do not chop it off! Here are ways to style your hair instead of leaving it down and letting it get swept aside and messed up by the wind. Gone are the days of allowing your hair to fall over your shoulders like a wild mop - style it, braid it, twist it and add some pretty hair clips with these cool hairdos! 

Advisory: It is imperative that you have a basic knowledge of braiding hair, as all of the following hairstyles involve braiding in some way or the other.

1. Headband Braid

This is an ugrade from a regular headband. It is guaranteed to not fall off your head, clash with the colours of your outfit or burn a hole in your wallet. This is best for ladies with a head of thick, shiny hair and the knowledge of how to create a traditional braid. Brush your hair then isolate a section of it. Preferably from the top right hand corner of your head, closer to your right ear. Braid the selected portion of hair in the traditional way. If your hair is long enough, swing the braid under and over your head. If not, swing the braid over your head and pin it down with a pretty clip.

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

2. Ponytail Braid

Why choose between a braid and a ponytail when you can do both! (And still look effortless?) This hairstyle features the best of both worlds! You can choose to braid the central section of your hair, or have two separate braids from both sides of your head converging into a ponytail. For a central braid, isolate a portion of hair from the middle of your head. The plait should start from the beginning of your head right down to the middle. Once you have reached the middle, secure the braid with an elastic band. Bunch up the rest of your hair, along with the plait into a single gigantic ponytail, and voila! 

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

3. Braided Top Knot

Just like the previous hairstyle, this too incorporates two elements: a bun and a braid. Pull your hair into a long sleek ponytail. Select a section of hair from the ponytail - this will serve as the braid. Braid the selected section all the way down to the end, and secure it with a hair tie. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it in place, excluding the braid at this point. Once you have secured the ponytail into a bun, twist the braid around the bun and secure it in place with pins.

Photo courtesy of ZALORA Community

These are our favourite hairstyles to try on long hair. What are yours? Think these hairstyles could do with some modifications? Share your opinions in the comments below! 


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