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Fall/Winter 16/17 Collection

Photos courtesy of Access Communications (Click to enlarge)

Turning imagined situations into tangible realities is what personal expression should be about. REDValentino heralds such a view, with an open invitation to skip conventions, defy impositions, embrace contradictions and finally enjoy life with its many contrasts. 

If life is journey, clothes are the pages of the ongoing logbook, and should be used as such. They allow to explore different selves in different moments, doing away with apparent coherence to embrace the joys of multiformity. That’s what the REDValentino girl does, endlessly writing and rewriting her own story, keeping a lively point of view and fearlessly evolving without forsaking her dreamy inner self.

Fragile, yet resilient, daring, sensual and fiercely borderless, all she does is expressing herself. She keeps her feet on the ground and her head up in the sky, but she’s always well aware of where she is in the world and where she wants to head. She’s the uncompromising author of her own novel.

Photos courtesy of Access Communications

Photos courtesy of Access Communications

This fall, the REDValentino girl embarks on a journey. She cuts through storming oceans, heading North to explore frozen lands while letting her clothes be touched by local traces. But you know, maybe it’s just a fantasy she is enjoying in her hyper-connected world. Or maybe it is real journey. She decides, free from impositions. A journey, after all, is a process of discovery and self discovery: that’s all that counts.

Photos courtesy of Access Communications

Photos courtesy of Access Communications

The adventure starts from the staples: the peacoat, the fisherman’s coat with sturdy hooks and the eskimo, maybe in masculine sizes because the journey might be also across gender. Relying on sailor jumpers and long coats, it ends up in exotic territory, amongst folksy decorations and swarming flowers. Contamination is the byword: flaps on a jumper, girly embroideries on a peacoat, masculine firmness contrasting with the transparency of romantic lace skirts. Mythological motifs, mermaids and other adventurous signs turn into prints, or patches - on jeans, a skirt or a jacket. Ultra-feminine shoulder bags and stilettos merge with fishing waders. Blue, ivory, rust, beige are the colors.

Ultimately, the journey is about freedom: letting the imagination go and turning fantasy into reality, wearing the heart on the sleeve.

Photos courtesy of Access Communications

Photos courtesy of Access Communications

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