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4 Golden Rules of Fashion Videography

Photo courtesy of Chanel

Working in fashion can be very gratifying – it’s the one branch of videography that allows you to be avant-garde and be decades in front of your time with your ideas, and still reach success. You can either stick to the classics and play with taboos, or go to the extremes with your experiments, and you will have a target audience which would be open minded enough to support your work.

All of this happens, of course, only after you make a name of yourself. Before that happens, you need to prove to everyone in fashion that you have an artistic mind which deserves their praise and attention. If you go through the next four suggestions, I’m sure they will get you closer to your career advancement.

Photo courtesy of H. Clark

Think Outside of the Box

In an age when people consider that everything is already discovered, it’s quite challenging to be creative and innovative. However, you mustn’t allow yourself to be discouraged like this because all you need to create something original is proper motivation. Therefore, you should expose yourself to various kinds of experience in order to open up your mind and come up with something that will amaze the world.

Be Prepared

A good videographer is always fully equipped and very disciplined when it comes to a shooting. You’re the one responsible for the project and for it to end successfully; you need to make the whole thing go in the right direction. 

Photo courtesy of H. Clark

Memorize the Script

Once you develop an idea and you start shooting, make sure to have the whole script enveloped in your mind first, so that you can realize your idea and take all the right shoots. Naturally, there should always be room for improvisation and spontaneity, but that is a part that should take place while you’re dealing with quality video editing offered by professional companies and you have all the pieces of footage right in front of you. 

Get Your Work Out There

If you have a strong will to improve your skills and grow as an artist, it’s quite important for your career to get yourself out there. You need to understand that there are people in the world who won’t consider your work to be good – not now and not ever – and that’s just fine because your art doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. What I’m trying to say is that you need to expose yourself to criticism and talk to a lot of different people about what you do because that is the only way to develop as a fashion videographer.

Photo courtesy of H. Clark

We all know that fashion can be really brutal towards the people working in it, so you shouldn’t expect people to treat you with care when you just started making a name for yourself. However, with a lot of discipline and devotion, I’m sure that you’ll be able to create a piece of art with a certain value and I’m also sure that something like that won’t go unnoticed.

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