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By ZCOOP Singapore

5-Day Beauty Plan
to Look Amazing By CNY

Photo courtesy of ZCOOP Singapore

Chinese New Year is coming up — spring cleaning is almost done, you have the best pineapple tarts to wow your guests and the mahjong table is itching to see some game. Now all that is left is you. No, I am not talking about your outfits planned for each day. What are you doing to get your skin and hair ready for the lunar new year? You are in luck! This is a quick, fuss-free plan to getting glowing skin and smooth hair by Saturday.

5 days before CNY:

Do a DIY facial. Depending on your skin concerns, tailor the face mask for a quick fix. Egg whites with a dash of lemon for smaller pores, mashed bananas for moisturised skin and papaya with honey for brighter skin. These DIY facials are gentle on the skin so you need not worry about skin irritation or dryness. Sure you can do this the day before. But with the reunion dinner and sprucing up the house, you might forget! The best tip is to start early.

Go to your favourite beauty salon and shape your brows as well as remove any unwanted facial hair. In case you might have sensitive skin, the redness will be gone in time for the festivities!

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4 days before CNY:

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. After taking care of your face the day before, now it is time to work on your body. Do a dry body scrub to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin. This is how you get glowing and polished skin.

Remember to moisturise!

3 days before CNY:

Wax. If you need to do a bikini wax or an underarm wax, this is the best time to book an appointment. It gives your skin time to settle and you need not battle the crowds the day before and scramble to check off your to-do list.

Photo courtesy of Abby's Beauty Secrets

2 days before CNY:

Prep your hair. Washing your hair two days before ensure that your tresses regain some natural shine in time for the new year. This makes it more manageable on that day. The last thing you want is wispy ends.

Do not just wash your hair, give it a cream batch while you are at it. An alternative would be indulging in a hair mask. Hydration is key! Add a scalp massage to stimulate hair follicles and add some volume.

1 day before CNY:

Get a mani-pedi done with your Mom or your girlfriends. If your man is up for it, treat him to a foot spa! Even if you are on a budget, the express manicure would suffice. By then you would be done with all the cleaning so treat yourself to a good time.

Have you done your prep for Chinese New Year? Sound off some of the hacks you learnt to get ready in time!

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