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By Roman Winter

5 Luxury Streetwear Brands
To Watch For 2017

Scotch & Soda Fall/Winter 2016 campaign (Photo courtesy of The Fashionisto)

With an increase the number of brands released each year it can be difficult to keep, or remain on trend with genuine, fashion brands. Brands are now moving away from producing clothing for fashion and now becoming absorbed with the opportunity to use poor quality materials and produce in bulk. 

2016 saw streetwear dominate the fashion industry, as major brands tailored their styles to meet the sports luxe trend and 2017 is no different. With the new year, here and in full effect, we’ve found 5 luxury streetwear to watch out for in 2017. 

BOY London 

BOY London have been around since 1976, however, the brand did somewhat of a renaissance. After the brand was discovered by Stephanie Raynor, it went to new heights, but soon saw the demand too large, causing them to stop releasing products. However, in the early 2000’s the brand picked up where they left off, moving to new heights and consistently creating fashion-forward luxury streetwear. With a consistent desire to reinvent themselves, celebrities all over the world have taken to the brand which has seen the likes of Gucci Mane represent their mens hoodies. Times may change but BOY London will always remain influential. 

Photo courtesy of BOY London

Android Homme 

Javier Laval, the founder of Android Homme wanted to create a brand that represented luxury, comfort and style. In 2008, there was a fine divide between sportswear and luxury, however, Android Homme was created to strike a balance between the two. Javier Laval became obsessed with the designs, the details and the quality of the materials that were used. For pure innovation, a refined style and the most luxurious of footwear, Android Homme is everything you’ll need. 

Lewis Hamilton wearing Android Homme Alfa High Sneakers (Photo courtesy of Star Stye Man)

Criminal Damage 

Criminal Damage arrived in 1991 and have created a style which is distinct to the brand. Criminal Damage created an identity which revolved around keeping up with the finest and most on-trend streetwear. As they initially started off as a brand that used contemporary fashion, Criminal Damage have moved quickly into establishing a stronghold into the streetwear market, becoming one of the leaders and trend-setters. All of this is evident from each collection they release, which ranges from their mens sweatshirts to their womens khaki bomber jackets. 

Photo courtesy of Criminal Damage

Scotch & Soda 

Scotch & Soda are more focused on the design element of their streetwear which in turn has helped them create luxury. Like BOY London, Scotch & Soda keep developing new ideas and concepts to marry the unlikeliest of styles, in order to create perfection. If you’re truly looking for something that brings together a luxury, yet streetwear feel with classic detail, Scotch & Soda is exactly what you need. 

Scotch & Soda, New York Fashion Week SS 2017 (Photo courtesy of the designer)

Scotch & Soda, New York Fashion Week SS 2017 (Photo courtesy of the designer)

Photo courtesy of Scotch & Soda


Stüssy are seen amongst the originators of the streetwear movement, helping progress in the early 80’s. Even though they may seem like the unknown out of the luxury streetwear list, they have continued to produce excellent, collaborative and innovative styles with each of their releases. The history and tradition has seen them collaborate with the likes of Carhatt, Nike and many more major brands.

Photo courtesy of Stüssy

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