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Hallam P New York
Introduces Smart Jacket 2.0

Photo courtesy of HALLAM new york

The World's Most Advanced Wearable Jacket That Will Complete Your Travel with 29 Convenient and Smart Functions

SEOUL, South Korea - Since 2014, Hallam P New York, Inc. is a startup company that raised over one million dollars of funding on the largest crowdfunding platform in the U.S.- Kickstarter and currently has an on-going campaign on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform which expects to be completed within a week.

Let’s find out what is about the jacket that is attracting so many people.

HALLAM new york smart jacket 2.0 have 2 casual styles - hoodie and varsity jackets, along with 1 formal style - wool jacket that look and feel great over suits. Now, those were just styles. Each styles have 4 types of jacket - basic, smart, outdoor, and travel to give variety of selections.

Some of the Basic jacket functions include smartphone charge, neck-pillow, sleep shade, and built-in headphone line, having total of 18 functions at only $99.

Photo courtesy of HALLAM new york

10 pockets provide plenty of space for storage while on the move and they are designed to be anti-electromagnetic wave. Also, detachable electronic-chip and portable battery makes it no problem for laundry washing.

On the other hand, Smart jacket type includes what the Basic jacket has, plus a badge that is connected via Bluetooth. The badge will prevent smartphone loss, GPS location detection, and music control.

The Outdoor jacket’s functions include what the Smart jacket has, plus LED light that flickers for night time safety.

TRAVEL Jacket has 4 additional functions comparing to Workout Jacket, such as ultra-thin battery, key chain, selfie tripod, and cap. It helps charge smartphone conveniently and take photos easily with tripod. Moreover, it is useful to prevent lost luggage by key chain.

HALLAM new york smart jacket 2.0 can be purchased on Indiegogo campaign page.

Photo courtesy of HALLAM new york

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