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By Lisa Doherty

Skin Care for all Seasons

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With busy and hectic lifestyles, we often do not take enough time for our skin. We neglect to nourish the largest organ in our body, and it can have detrimental effects to our overall health. Use these tips to adapt to the elements as the seasons change.

Spring – Fresh Revitalization

The call of spring is irresistible after those bleak winter months. It is also time for transition for your skin, so pay attention to its condition. Spring is filled with sunny skies and the UV tends to creep up without us realizing it. During this season, it is wise to use a light moisturizer, but be mindful of allergens. Allergy season is at its peak in the spring, and products that contain allergens can perpetuate your symptoms.

Always exfoliate in the spring, as the harsh winter months tend to leave a layer of unwanted dryness. Incorporating a sunless tanner can prepare you for swimsuit season, which is right around the corner.

Photo by Jamie Nelson / Courtesy of Shape Magazine

Summer – Protect Your Skin

During summer, you will want to be outdoors to enjoy the summer’s warm rays, so now is the time to be hyper-vigilant about using products that contain SPF. Using these products on a daily basis is important to reduce exposure to intense UVA and UVB rays. Some great products include tinted moisturizers and BB creams with SPF. Try and find a product that is light and not too thick. Clogged pores in combination with natural summer sweating, is not a good combination for you skin. An SPF of 30 or above is always more effective and highly recommended.

Fall – Prepare for Dry Skin

Now that the coolness of fall has set in, it is time to increase your use of moisturizer. You will slowly lose your tan and will need to address the appearance of discolouration. Now is the time to invest in products that will revive your skin. Also consider using lip balms to protect your lips from wind and the shock of dry, cooler temperatures.

Oh K! Lip Balm Duo, Cat design, White peach and cotton candy fragrance

Winter – Hydration is Key

Choosing both a daytime and night time moisturizer is key for beating unwanted, dry and itchy skin. You will need moisturizer 24/7 during the winter months. Thinner creams are recommended for daytime use and thicker ones for night time. These thicker creams will absorb into the skin all night. Natural and high quality brands tend to work the best and will not clog your pores. Moisturize your lips and hands to protect them as well. 

Other helpful tips for all 4 seasons

  • Always drink plenty of water. Water is your skin’s most important companion. 
  • Get adequate amounts of sleep. It is recommended that each adult get at least 7 hours of sleep each night to keep our skin healthy.
  • Exercise regularly. 
  • Eat well. Some foods are fantastic for your skin and have fortifying nutrients that help your skin keep a natural glow. Typically foods that contain less sodium, and fruits/vegetables are recommended.

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