Friday, July 28, 2017


By Eva Fydrych

How to Throw a Summer Party In Style

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One of the great pleasures of summer is getting friends and family together for outdoor gatherings. Long days and warm weather call for a celebration. Follow our party planning tips to host your guests in style!

1. Prepare a master to-do list where you can highlight every task that must be accomplished - from shopping to dietary restrictions and RSVPs.

2. Create a theme for your party. Use your imagination and be unique; the possibilities are endless!

3. Take time to create stylish invitations and send them well in advance. Don't forget to give guests a sense of the vibe and suggest what they should wear.

4. Prepare for bad weather. If rain forces the crowd indoors, make sure you have plenty of entertainment options ready.

5. Welcome everyone with a drink upon arrival by placing a tray of champagne near the entrance so they can start mingling as soon as they arrive.

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6. Keep appetisers and table setting simple. Keep the drinks cool.

7. Remember about ambient lighting. You can hang strings of lights on the deck, the fence, tree branches, and add some hurricane lanterns or tea lights.

8. Plan the music for at least four hours. 

9. Invest in citronella candles to keep the mosquitos away. Citronella oil, due to its potent citrus-like scent, is one of the most common ingredients in insect repellents.

10. Stay relaxed. Make sure you have time for yourself before guests arrive so you look and feel your best! As the host, you set the tone of the party, so a relaxed attitude and plenty of good energy will bring out the same in your guests. Open the door with a huge smile and cocktail in hand.

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Enjoy your party!💃

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