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By Ian Leaf

7 Unique London Restaurants

Photo courtesy of Bob Bob Ricard

When you visit London, one of the things you want to get right is choosing the perfect restaurant. Regardless of whether you are looking for a spot to accommodate your family or just your personal needs, you have a wide array of restaurants to choose from while in London. It gets down to your preferences and the way you select from the huge list of places to eat. 

To make the work of choosing the perfect place to eat in London easy, you are advised to consult with experts who specialize in doing restaurant reviews. Ian Leaf is one such person as he has been researching about different restaurants while traveling around the world. One of his most frequent places to visit is London and he has been offering advice to travelers to help them choose the right places to eat. Here are seven restaurants that are unique that you might want to consider. 

1. Bob Bob Ricard

The first thing you need to understand about this restaurant is that it’s a Soho restaurant that accepts bookings. Second, it features amazing Art-Deco interiors that are lavishly furnished that you get a feeling similar to taking part in a film set. On top of this it includes buttons that you can use to summon some champagne any time, so just be careful not to nudge it by mistake. Although you might find it a bit on the higher side as far as pricing goes, you will definitely celebrate the experience you pay for. You are awarded an experience not common within the city and anywhere else. 

Photos courtesy of Bob Bob Ricard

Red dining room

Press for champagne :)

Private dining room (Photos courtesy of Bob Bob Ricard)

2. Bubblewrap

The Bubblewrap takes up the Hong Kong phenomenon and due to its quirky design, you will always get fans around the block. The bobbly batter is designed into a cone that’s filled with sweet ice cream, chocolate, fruit, and anything else you think serves your fancy. Before you visit, make sure to wrap yourself up well as you may be forced to queue and this is not a cozy café so the experience might turn out humiliating. 

You can even take the food onto the streets since it is fancy and ideal for outdoors. This is not the place you go to get yourself full essentially as the foods are based on snacks and fruits as well as chocolate. You will enjoy some waffles at a cheap price and the service generally is awesome if you are lucky to arrive early so you will not have to waste a lot of time on the queue. 

Photo courtesy of Bubblewrap

3. The Chinese Bar

This is an entire restaurant that is dedicated to Chinese food; basically stocking the perfect stuff including dairy and cheese. You can also go wild on baked camembert, oozing toasties, and queso fundido. One advice before you head there is maybe to skip lunch as there are many goodies that you might curse yourself for arriving full. You don’t want to miss the cheese curds, chips, some fried eggs, bacon gravy, and candid pancetta. Also take some time to enjoy the sweet cheeses. Toasties are available at around £5 or less, so it basically is not an expensive spot as you might imagine. 

4. Dans Le Noir

All the staff in the restaurant are blind and with this gives them an upper hand because all meals are served in deep darkness. So you might face issues locating and using your knife well. It’s a perfect spot for those who would like to have fun while enjoying some delicious meals. 

Photos courtesy of Dans Le Noir

Photos courtesy of Dans Le Noir

5. Duck & Waffle

At the Duck & Waffle restaurant, you are offered 24-hour licensing. The location of the restaurant at the top of a skyscraper offers you 360-degree views of the capital, which enhances your dining experience. 

Bar area (Photos courtesy of Duck & Waffle)

Full Elvis 

Private dining room

Photos courtesy of Duck & Waffle

6. Indian YMCA

This is among few restaurants that don’t care about looks and one thing about it is that it offers strongly made and cheap curries that are pleasingly authentic. Enjoy veggie delights like dahi vada

7. La Bodega Negra

Enjoy sharing plates as you take down slow-roasted lamb served with booze-laced sauce. This also comes with bespoke margaritas. The atmosphere is Mexican and speaks of film stars from the time you step on to the door. Enjoy new Mexican cuisine as well as custom recipes served to your satisfaction.

Photos courtesy of La Bodega Negra

Tuna Tostada - Serrano & Avocado

Mariachi Las Adelitas

Photos courtesy of La Bodega Negra


Ian Leaf is a fashion expert. He is also a professional photographer, an artist, author, and blogger. Ian Leaf has traveled extensively in Ireland, the UK, and Switzerland documenting precious memories along the way. He has written several books among them, “Ian Leaf’s Starting a HFC Business at Home.”


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