Tuesday, October 17, 2017


By Eva Fydrych

Where Comfort Meets Style

Photos by Joel and Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine (Click to enlarge)

Last summer, I had a chance to stumble upon a very interesting brand, IONIC EPIC, which produces sustainable footwear for both women and men. 

All their shoes are made from high-quality fabrics which are all organic, vegan, and biodegradable. What's really important, IONIC EPIC uses no animal skins in their footwear as well.

While designing their products, the company focuses on complete daily functionality, durability and minimised weight and has placed countless hours into the engineering and the overall design of the line. That's why their shoes offer natural arch support and an excellent fit and feel. Slip resistant outsole protects you from falling when the surface is not completely dry.

But that's not the end of all the advantages of IONIC EPIC shoes. One of my favourite features is the fact that they are machine washable so it's really easy to keep them looking new. They are also extremely light and soft - you can walk for hours without ever getting tired.

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Pretty In Pink

The brand offers a large selection of colours and prints, so there is something for everyone to choose from. Peaton Slip-On in fashionable coral (pictured above) is a great option as it is easy to match with many outfits. You can wear it with white, grey, black, various shades of pink, and even red for an interesting and eye-catching contrast.

Pink & red mood board (Photo courtesy of Stay Gold by JV)

Travelling in Cartagena (Black jumpsuit by Via Vai; handbag by Zara)

Peaton Slip-On (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

Wild Side

In the fashion world, leopard print has become one of those enduring styles that we never seem to get bored with. It makes a big comeback year after year.

If you are new to the trend, animal print accessories are an easy entry point. You can try out a pair of ultra-stylish shoes for an unexpected kick to all-black ensembles. For an effortless everyday look, wear them with your favourite pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt. 

Ultra-lightweight and sublimely casual, the IONIC EPIC Ballet Slip-On (pictured below) provides natural arch support designed for long time walking and standing. This shoe not only looks great, but is also slip resistant, lightweight, and super flexible - you can easily fold it into your purse. Perfect for travelling!

Day on the beach in Toronto

Ballet Slip-On (Photos by Joel and Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

"The IONIC EPIC Brand is gaining popularity every day! Feedback from the market, both at retail and consumers alike has been swift and more than positive! Our customers are quickly discovering that IONIC EPIC is more than a fashion option; it is rapidly becoming an all day option that feels and looks amazing." - ICONIC EPIC

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