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By Naomi Shaw

5 Skincare Tips to Turn Back the Clock

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As soon as we hit that 30-mile mark, it becomes essential to think in terms of preventing premature signs of ageing, and nip those wrinkles in the bud. And the earlier you begin implementing several simple, but effective strategies to keep your skin’s healthy radiance, the greater are your chances of maintaining that youthful look we are all eager to protect.

Out of all the possible habits you can begin practicing, the following are tried and tested both by beauty-lovers and dermatologists, making them your wrinkle-proof plan for a youthful glow that will last for years to come. And don’t forget – consistency is key!

Beautify with beauty sleep

Let go of the common misconception that your skincare routine starts and ends with your bathroom cabinet and all the trusty products you own, because the truth is, no pricey lotion can undo the damage of poor sleeping habits. For starters, introduce a sleeping schedule that gives you at least eight hours of rest, and stick to it religiously. It’s often suggested that sleeping from 11pm to 7am is optimal, although you can adjust yours according to your work hours and other responsibilities.

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Then, do your best to sleep on your back, so as to avoid rubbing your skin against the pillow, which tends to cause creases in your skin. But if that’s not an option, you can try the Spasilk pillowcase, as Dr. Debra Jaliman from New York recommends using a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce the friction against your cheeks and forehead.

Protect to prevent

Ladies who live in warmer climates know all too well how important it is to invest in high-quality sun protection, especially for your constantly exposed face, and those sensitive areas around your eyes and lips. It’s never too soon to start applying ample amounts of sunscreen, as that will not only lower your risk from the big bad C-wolf, but also diminish sun damage and protect you from premature lines and spots.

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The beauty of modern skincare products is that they can often combine ingredients that protect you from sun’s harmful radiation, and visibly reduce signs of ageing, such as the NeoStrata daytime protection cream, which is suitable for all skin types. Look for a cream that is gentle enough to be used daily, and reliable enough when it comes to consistent sun exposure, to use the best of both worlds in your skincare routine.

Scrub and moisturize

Exfoliating is perhaps one of the most underestimated and overlooked aspects of your routine, and although it’s commonly recommended to scrub weekly, some would argue it’s a good idea to include it in your daily regime. For instance, Dr. Harold Lancer, whose client list includes Victoria Beckham, BeyoncĂ© and Kim Kardashian, recommends daily exfoliation with gentle, yet effective ingredients, unlike the ones he called “sandpaper in a bottle”. 

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This simple action will serve you as the foundation for proper moisturizing with your trusty creams, and prepare you for adding makeup, which should be done in moderation to avoid overburdening your skin. Depending on your skin type and the current season, make sure to choose a nourishing cream that will help your skin maintain its natural elasticity, and supply it with proper hydration. 

Master your diet

Just like sleep, if you give your skin nourishment from within, you support its natural collagen production, provide it with antioxidants that fight inflammation, free-radical damage, and irritation, and help flush out all the toxins from your system with sufficient water intake. 

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Without a solid skin-friendly diet plan that you follow consistently, it’s unrealistic to expect that your other efforts will be successful. So, think twice before you reach for a sugar-laden soda, or a candy bar for your next snack. Switch your unhealthy sugars with raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and your skin will be well-nourished and ready to resist your everyday challenges. 

Bring on the Zen

Another crucial lifestyle change that our skin craves for, and that Dr. Lancer emphasizes, is the need to reduce our exposure to stress. When you’re in constant emotional turmoil and overwhelmed with negative thoughts or anxiety, your body is overflown with stress hormones, including cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine, all of which can potentially cause damage to our skin.

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However, keep in mind that stress often causes us to change our behavior and opt for less healthy choices throughout the day, so in addition to the chemical hormonal changes that happen in our bodies and lead to premature signs of ageing, our own behavior can contribute to the chaos. Instead, do your best to find an activity such as yoga or meditation to soothe your mind and keep those wrinkles at bay!

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