Tuesday, February 16, 2016


By Naomi Shaw

How to Send Dark Spots Packing

Photo courtesy of Naomi Shaw

Having dark spots on your skin can make you feel self-conscious and stressed out. Luckily, there are two easy ways in which to deal with them: cover them up and treat them so that they leave you for good. Here is a rundown of both so that you can maintain a flawless complexion.

Hide Those Spots!

Hiding your dark spots might feel like a short-term solution when you really want to eliminate them completely, but it’s necessary while you’re treating them. When covering up dark spots, you should follow these important steps:

1. Use a cream concealer on the dark spot. This will give your skin proper coverage while lasting longer. Apply it gently to the area with a brush. Don’t apply it elsewhere on the skin. You can’t just choose any cream concealer that matches your skin tone. If your spots are dark, then this won’t offer enough coverage so you need to choose the right colors for the type of spots you have. 

Photo courtesy of Naomi Shaw

  • greenish concealer is great if the spots are red, such as if they’re marks left behind on your skin after an acne breakout. 
  • yellow concealer will work well if your skin tone is uneven and the spots you have are not much darker than your complexion. 
  • Choose a pink concealer if you need to cover up darker spots. You could even use some red lipstick before blending it with foundation! This is a beauty trick that's been used by makeup artists because the red lipstick hides purple hyperpigmentation and warms up the skin. 

2. Apply some foundation to the area of discoloration as well as the rest of your face. Blend it in well. The foundation should be the right shade for your complexion. 

3. Finish off with a bit of loose powder to set the makeup in place and keep the dark spots hidden all day.

Photo courtesy of Naomi Shaw

How to Treat Dark Spots 

While you’re hiding dark spots from view, make sure you’re also following a daily routine to completely eliminate them. Although people tend to reach for chemical skin lighteners, this only bleaches the dark spots but doesn’t actually get rid of them. Here is a daily routine you should follow to treat dark spots successfully. 

1. Switch to a Vitamin C serum. This antioxidant is a natural skin lightener, while serums are a great way to nourish your skin with a range of vitamins so you get brighter but also healthier skin with your daily moisturizing routine. 

2. Exfoliate your skin. Doing this once a week will rid your skin of dead skin cells where pigment tends to accumulate. Use natural ingredients such as oats that gently slough away dead skin. The bonus? This will instantly revive your skin, making it look radiant because new skin cells are on display. 

3. Don’t let moisturizing be your last step in the morning before you leave the house - always finish off with sunscreen. You might think the SPF in your moisturizer is enough, but it’s not. A broad spectrum sunscreen will block both UVA and UVB rays so that your discoloration won’t get worse or spread from exposure to the sun. 

4. Get a natural skin lightening cream. When lightening creams contain ingredients that lighten your skin naturally, such as licorice and citrus extracts, they are safer for you to use on your skin while blocking the skin’s melanin. Natural skin lighteners are also filled with nourishing ingredients that will soothe your skin and make it look its best, such as chamomile and green tea extract.

Dark spots shouldn’t make you lose your cool or want to hide your face away from the world. There are easy ways to keep them under wraps while fading them naturally. Good riddance to discolouration! 


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