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By Nina Simons

Fashionista's Interior Design Guide for 2019

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It’s finally that time of the year when people are discussing trends for 2019. Interior design doesn’t fall behind in this area and designers are already showing off their concepts at the shows. It’s time to say goodbye to old patterns and welcome styles that will decorate a whole new year in your life.

So, if you want to change your home to something more trendy, here is fashionista’s interior design guide for 2019.

Blue Planet effect 

Next year’s design is going to be inspired by under the sea motifs so designers fittingly called this the Blue Planet effect. It represents freedom and fresh ambiance with scalloped furniture and curved shapes. This ocean-inspired style is more than using blue as the focal color, but rather incorporated shapes and patterns into the mix.

Even if you have a modest budget for renovations your house can still look novel with fish scale tiles and wavy patterns. Just make sure to adapt the color shades as well with beige, yellow and blue tones that will open up space. 

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Vintage elements will be in 

Some of the most prominent vintage elements will be big in 2019. One is vintage lighting which is less exposed and usually consists of pendants and sconces. And the other is bucket sinks predicted to have a huge comeback in the kitchens and bathrooms. 

However, brass d├ęcor will apparently be all the rage as well and make us say farewell to stainless steel next year. This is a warm material which inspires style and sophistication with its rustic tone. 

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Copper accents for the modern house 

While rose gold was hugely popular this year, it seems that copper accents will replace it in the future. Copper has an earthy hue that is a combination of red and orange tones mixed together. This makes it a perfect metal to incorporate into the home and create a more welcoming environment.

The best thing is you combine it with silver to get that contemporary edge or brass to highlight the warmer look. Just go small and use copper decorative pieces like bowls and mirror frames to add some bling to space. 

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Invite the stars into your home 

It’s going to be all about stars and zodiac in 2019 on all types of materials and pieces. Whether you decide to paint constellations on your walls or use tiles with starry patterns, you will turn your home into a dreamy place. Even the simplest things like star-strewn plates can look heavenly if added to your home’s interior design.

Cosmic ceilings will be perfect for extravagant interiors, while galaxy murals can go on the walls and floors of any room and even the kitchen. 

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Millennial pink is still trendy 

Millennial pink is a shade that becomes hugely popular this year and interior design world plans to incorporate it, even more, the next. It's an easy hue to work with and goes perfectly with any type of furniture and shapes. So, if you just had your old furniture transported by interstate removalists to a new home, use this tone to create a modern ambiance.

There is a reason why it has "millennial" in its name since it provides an economical solution for people who are on a tight budget for renovation. It will offer a variety of creative and unique ways to update your space and perfectly fit in old pieces with a new style. 

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Concrete highlights in the interior design 

While many see concrete as a material belonging to a construction site, it is actually a versatile element that will rule interior design in 2019. It offers an edgy and clean look that will perfectly go with minimalist style in more areas than just building a countertop. Geometric concrete tiles combine two popular next year's trends and will turn your home into an elegantly decorated space.

Furthermore, add plastic and glass materials for chairs and doors to give everything a futuristic look. And when it comes to adding colors, concrete will assimilate to any trend easily. Thus, this material is ideal for those who don’t hang to the same shades for long.

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All in all

With 2019 just around the corner, interior designers are already making lists of trends that will be widely popular. If you just moved into a new home, or plan to renovate, it is a perfect time to start your own fashionista's interior design trend. That way, you will not only be ready to freshen up space but also to make it a modern living environment

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