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By Stella Ryne

Greatest Gourmet Getaways
around the World

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We all strive for new things in our life and the food we eat is no different. After a while you grow tired of the food you consume every day. This is not only true of the national cuisine, but of the foreign food franchises we can find in our town or country. That is why travel is an excellent way to try new dishes and experience novel flavors. Traveling solely for the purpose of tasting new food can be costly, so it is best to experience new flavors in the destination we would travel anyway. Next time you book a holiday, try to go to a destination that is renowned for its cuisine. If you are unsure which destinations are these exactly, then we present you with 5 topmost gourmet getaways around the world.


Anyone who saw the movie Casablanca can get a quite accurate guess of the cuisine of this North African country. We are not talking about its desert part (although Bedouin cuisine is tempting to try), but of the coastal region. Cities such as Tangier that is just across Gibraltar and Spain offer a unique mixture of Mediterranean and African dishes. Spices, for which this region is known across the world, like mint and saffron go well with any main course. Coupled with olives and seafood, this is an ideal choice for any gourmet. The market in Marrakesh is the largest in the Maghreb region, so you can buy local spices and use them in your favorite dishes when you get back home.

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Tokyo, Japan

Although the entire island of Japan has great cuisine, its capital of Tokyo is arguably the world capital of good eating. It’s more than 160,000 restaurants are bound to satisfy the most refined gourmets out there. This megacity offers food varieties from all over, but for starters, literally, you could try the local sushi. Seafood in general is characteristic of Japan as well as rice as the side dish. There are numerous rice dishes to try as well as noodles which are typical of any Asian country. So, if you are in Japan, be sure to go out for a lunch or a dinner in a Tokyo restaurant.

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Hunter Valley food and Wine trails, Australia

Australian dishes are also a mixture of several cousins, but unlike Japan, the best gourmet experience is not found in big cities. If you want to truly experience local food you have to travel more inland. Hunter Valley north of Sydney is just the place for food tourism. The region is known for its vineyards since it is the oldest wine growing region on the continent. There are both public and private wine tours there. As far as travels plans are concerned, Hunter Valley accommodation should not be too hard to find as there are numerous resorts located there. To top it all, you can even try organic vodka and different liqueurs that are produced in the surrounding area.

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Talking of wine, one destination in Europe also offers exquisite tasting wines. Although Portugal is located at the Atlantic, it offers more of a Mediterranean style food. Seafood is practically staple food here, but the Portuguese know to prepare it better than anywhere else. Sardines and suckling pigs are regarded as national dishes so don’t miss out on these delicious foods. Tapas style of eating, popular both in neighboring Spain is ideal for those love the blend of the appetizer and the main dish. Finally, cataplana is a unique Portuguese cookware that makes any (sea)food taste like nowhere else on the planet.

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The most exotic destination on our list is Thailand, with its capital Bangkok and the mesmerizing island of Phuket. Noodles, rice, and fish have a special taste if prepared in Thailand. Nearly all food is spicy, so be aware of this before you order. There are fine restaurant but tasting street food is also recommendable as the local vendor maintain a high standard of quality. Local dishes include coconut soup, green and red curries and a spicy beef salad.

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Traveling is an experience that engages all five senses. If you are a gourmet, then the sense of taste can be reason enough to embark on a journey to any of the food getaways located around the globe.

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