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By Lisa Doherty

The San Diego Spa Experience
Rock Spa & Suki Day Spa review

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San Diego offers sunshine, beautiful scenery, a great nightlife, with happy and friendly faces around every corner. But did you also know that they are home to some of the best spas in America? Fashion Studio Magazine was lucky enough to experience some celebrity inspired treatments and enjoy pampering to a whole other level.

The Hard Rock Spa and the Suki Day Spa are both located in the Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego. The Gaslamp district is popular for both locals and tourists alike who enjoy great restaurants, shops and entertainment. Each of these spas has their own unique characteristics and display two totally different vibes. However, both locations offer a relaxing experience right in the heart of beautiful sunny California.

Lisa Doherty / Fashion Studio Magazine visiting Suki Day Spa in San Diego

Rock Spa at The Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

The Rock Spa is an experience like no other. It’s signature “Synchronicity Massage” was invented for the ultimate in indulgence and experience, combining music and motion to their unique treatments. The synchronicity massage takes you to a concert, simply by relaxing on a comfy table. But this is no ordinary massage table. The table vibrates to the tune of the rock music playing throughout your experience. 

Guests have 3 soundtrack options for either 50 or 80 minute sessions. 

1. Ultimate Chill – If you are looking for a calm, relaxing state of mind, this is Hard Rock’s spin on traditional spa music and it’s perfect if you like to play hard and relax even harder. This instrumental soundtrack is filled with ambient vibes that are designed to induce a serious state of relaxation. 

Photo courtesy of Rock Spa (Click to enlarge)

2. By the Sea – This narrated soundtrack helps the listener sink into a journey through Californian paradise by way of sound and music while riding the fine line between the abstract and the concrete. Through music and sound design cues, you’ll be guided through your trip by way of the pacific coast train, walking through a coastal beach town, and taking a sunset dip in the rhythmic ocean waves.

3. Sonic Restoration – This treatment is a restorative, transformative, and somewhat electric experience. Through their studies in psychoacoustics and meditation, they incorporated a variety of sonic frequencies (binaural beats) resulting in a relaxed state of consciousness to help promote a unique way to relax. This is great for those who want to experience something completely different from the traditional atmosphere of the massage experience.

Photo courtesy of Rock Spa

Photo courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Photo courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel San Diego 

Although the spa specializes in massages for the rock music lovers, it also offers many other services such as facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures. Along with the spa, you can experience FLOAT, their rooftop relaxation pool, hot tubs, bar and fireside comfy lounge areas. It surely will be a “Rockin” experience.

Suki Day Spa

This quaint and quiet little spa located on the introverted side of the Gaslamp Quarter is a hidden gem that has been promoted and visited by celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Watson, who both have rave reviews about the staff, services and friendly atmosphere. Upon entrance, you are greeted with the warmest smiles and instantly comforted. It is easy to see that it is a family run business. The spa is small, yet private and bright, yet quiet.

Among the typical spa services you are likely to experience at any spa, some of Suki Day Spa’s unique services include SUNFX Professional spray tans, Extreme Lash eyelash extensions (by the way, we are addicted now), gentlemen’s facials, and oxygen therapy.

Photo courtesy of Suki Day Spa

After a full body Four Hands Massage, I was able to enjoy lash extensions and a makeup application. Let me tell you, they know how to make guests look red carpet ready and they are not shy on the makeup. I was able to experience TV makeup application, with the focus on high definition resolution. Some of the best makeup artists hail from California and it is quite competitive, so to say I had a great makeup application at a quaint little spa in San Diego was pleasantly surprising. 

The Four Hands Massage is a specialty at this spa. It is also their most popular service. Designed for a busy crowd, you can experience an upper body and lower body massage at the same time. And you are out in a half an hour to boot. If you are someone who likes to fall asleep while at the spa, this massage is for you.

Suki Day Spa (Photo by Lisa Doherty / Fashion Studio Magazine)

Suki Day Spa (Photo by Lisa Doherty / Fashion Studio Magazine)

If you have been thinking about planning a trip to San Diego in the near future, be sure to consider a trip to one of these spas for some instant quiet and relaxation. The golden state and these excellent spa experiences will be happy to have you.

*Special thank you to Rock Spa and Suki Day Spa for inviting Fashion Studio Magazine for the treatments.

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