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By Victoria Lim

Fall/Winter Accessory Trends
That Will Transform Your Look

Be bold! (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

If you are a fashionable person, then you have probably already leafed through the Fall/Winter catalogs. Since there are so many garments to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the choice to a single pair of shoes or that ideal handbag. By breaking the clothes down according to their type, you can reach a decision much easier.

For instance, use the division they have in fashion magazines and first buy a bag, then a piece of jewelry, and finally a pair of sunglasses. This method will make tailoring the budget much easier as the purchase can be made in phases that are separated by weeks apart. In other words, you won’t be tempted to immediately squander off your entire month’s salary. The division can be applied to all prices of garment, but here is an example of a breakdown for bags, jewelry, and sunglasses.


According to the British Vogue, the trends in women’s bags in 2018 are quite versatile. Tom Ford, Fendi, and Balenciaga are all fashion labels who have adopted a new style that is characterized by metal chains for the shoulder strap. Some are more conventional than others and some have boldly shaped links. However, the dominant color is gold in the 80s style.

Paco Rabanne, Yuzefi (Photo courtesy of Vogue) Click to enlarge

When it comes to the hues that are hip this season, the dominant color is definitely brown. Well, not just brown, but all shades of it, from butterscotch to caramel. Stella McCartney, Derek Lam, and Loewe are all brands that have opted to put into market bags that are of the same color as the falling autumnal leaves.

The details that dominate on the bags made by Gucci, Giambattista Valli, and Prada alike are animal ones. Mock Croc is the thing of the season as this leather embossing technique has made its way onto the handles as well, not only the body of the bag as one might expect.


When it comes to the jewelry, the 2018 is a season like no other in terms of the shapes of jewelry. Just one look on fishbone earrings, made by Saint Laurent, is enough to perceive the revolution in jewelry making. When it comes to the motifs, it is a no shocker that that leaf-shaped jewelry is quite popular. Not only earrings, but necklaces as well have this motif, present on the pendants in most cases. Talking of necklaces, we have to mention, that unlike the streamline chains that can be seen on bags, the links on necklaces are bulkier and unevenly shaped. The chains are heavy, short and made from cumbersome parts that give out a bold new look.

Saint Laurent, Chanel (Photos courtesy of glowsly)

If we conclude that even orbiting stones have become part of the 2018 trend, it may be wise to stick to timeless pieces of jewelry. For instance, Italian luxury jewelry is a safe option to go with if you are unsure that you can wear with dignity the jewelry that is trendy. There is no shame in this, as staying vintage is surely a better solution that committing a “fashion no, no,” by putting on yourself pieces of jewelry that were in vogue last season.


Now, the models of 2018 fashion shows were not only dressed fine with novel accessories such as bags and jewelry, but they had the latest of glasses on their head. In fact, their design was retro and futuristic at the same time! If you are wondering how this is possible, then imagine a pair of glasses with a single lense for both eye sockets and some color to it, like orange or yellow. They look like skiing goggles from the 70s but at the same time the edges are so well-designed that they appear avant-garde.

Max Mara, Cavalli (Photos courtesy of Vogue)

When it comes to the predominant color, green dominated the scene. Not only rims, but the lenses as well were seen dyed verdant green. This color actually goes well with the hues of autumn outside. Forest green blends perfectly into the environment giving out that earthy look.

Be Bold!

Finally, the Fall/Winter 2018 season has been a tumultuous one where boundaries were pushed. When choosing the right outfit this season, be bold as the designers were.

Christian Dior FW 2018 (Photo courtesy of Vogue)

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