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Parties in Mykonos
Where to Go and What to Wear

Photos courtesy of Unsplash, Tropicana Beach Bar, and Lohan Beach House

There are reasons why Mykonos is famous for its parties and lively nightlife. The island isn’t just home to some of the wildest parties in the world, but it also hosts more parties on more nights than other islands in the area. Pair the spectacular parties with the beautiful beaches of Mykonos, and you have the perfect combination for a blast.

Before you start planning your trip to Mykonos, there are a few things you can learn about the island first. In this article, we are going to focus more on the best party spots and beaches to explore and the right fashion pieces to wear for an incredible holiday experience. Let’s get the parties started!

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach isn’t a beach that you want to visit when travelling with children. It is filled with young travellers trying to have the best time during the day, and more partygoers looking for intense parties at night. The party scene here is casual, so any casual dress or the combination of tees and shorts would be fine.

While on the Paradise Beach, make sure you try the Tropicana Beach Bar. This beach bar is famous around the world for hosting the best parties in the region. Don’t be surprised to find top, international DJs and VJs performing here. Since the crowd is relatively young, the Paradise Beach is also perfect for meeting other travellers.

Photo courtesy of Tropicana Beach Bar

Little Venice

Katerina is another interesting spot to visit if your purpose of visiting Mykonos is to party. Make sure you are all glammed up and ready to go before sunset, because Katerina offers the rare chance of partying with a majestic sunset acting as the backdrop.

The Katerina's Bar is where you want to be for the occasion. This too is a semi-casual place, but you want to dress up a little bit to blend in with the crowd. A simple white dress paired with a gorgeous pair of shoes will work like a charm.

Katerina’s bar is also a restaurant that serves up delicious dishes. You don’t have to worry about going out to find dinner just because the party starts before sunset.

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Mykonos Town

Mykonos is a chill place where you can relax and enjoy the ambience, but some clubs in Mykonos Town still requires you to wear something more formal and dress up a little bit if you want to be a part of the party scene. That is not the case with Cosi, a club that is now the favourite of travellers from around the world.

The place is a nice café and lounge during the day. You can come here for drinks or coffee in between exploring other fantastic spots on the island. At night, however, there are regular DJ performances and a fun crowd. Yes, you can come to Cosi wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and still have a great time until late at night.

Typical Mykonos architecture (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach is often noted as one of the oldest party scenes in the world. The beach has been hosting parties for so long that even older travellers now feel nostalgic when visiting this place. Paraga Beach is also where you can find Kalua Beach Bar.

Similar to the beach, Kalua Beach Bar has been home to thousands of parties in the last 14 years and it is becoming even more energetic today. This is where you can party until sunrise and beyond. The crowd here is also predominantly young and energetic, which is something you can tell by the ambience of Kalua.

While you are in Paraga Beach, you also want to swing by Scorpios, another legendary club that is also a famous seafood restaurant. If you live in one of the best villas in Mykonos, it is very easy to access. You have villas in Mykonos by BlueVillas such as the Paradise Gem situated near the area.

Paradise Gem I villa (Photo courtesy of BlueVillas) Click to enlarge

Kalo Livaldi

Next, we have Kalo Livaldi. The beach is more difficult to reach than most other beaches in Mykonos, so you can expect the crowd here to be more sophisticated and less wild. The ambience of the place also allows you to have a calm and relaxing day before transitioning into a refined party in the evening.

Don’t let the calm ambience fool you though. Kalo Livaldi is home to the Lohan Beach House, a beach club with its own private beach. You can spend the entire day swimming and sunbathing with house music playing in the background. The beauty of the beach makes a fantastic backdrop for parties in the evening.

Photo courtesy of Lohan Beach House

There are so many other clubs and party scenes to visit while you are in Mykonos, but the ones we discussed in this article are clubs and places you definitely don’t want to miss. If you are serious about partying in Mykonos, these are the places to visit for the best experience.

Island Lifestyle

Mykonos, Greece (Photos courtesy of Pexels)

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Photo courtesy of BlueVillas

Photo courtesy of Katerina

Photo courtesy of Lohan Beach House

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Villa Horatia (Photo courtesy of BlueVillas)

Photo courtesy of BlueVillas

Photo courtesy of Tropicana Beach Bar

Villa Selena (Photo courtesy of BlueVillas)

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