Thursday, January 10, 2019


By Eva Fydrych

Winter Getaway
What to Pack

Comfortable jumpsuit - great for everyday activities (Photo courtesy of Popreal)

There is no reason to wait until summer to take a relaxing vacation with your friends, family, or on your own (travelling solo is one of the biggest travel trends for 2019). But no matter how you will decide to travel, make sure you pack all the necessary items to look stylish and feel comfortable during your break.

Fashion Studio Magazine has partnered up with an online fashion boutique,, to bring you a couple of useful styling tips and suggestions for your trip. 

Simple white dress will be suitable for many occasions (Photo courtesy of Popreal)

Travel Light

  • pack clothes that you can easily mix and match
  • avoid items that require ironing
  • opt for comfortable, light shoes
  • don't pack too many accessories - you will probably buy some during your trip!

"One of the simplest but often overlooked packing tips is to put heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase, meaning the short end where the wheels are—it’s easier to roll a bag through long airport hallways when the weight is down there. Flight attendants put shoes and toiletries there, and it makes a surprising difference during in-airport transit." - Condé Nast Traveler

Be bold and opt for bright, eye-catching colours (Photo courtesy of Popreal)

Make a Statement

Try to keep your wardrobe simple, but take one statement piece with you. Something that you like and you know looks great on you.

Have a look at this gorgeous jumpsuit above - it can be worn during the day with a comfortable crossbody bag or for an evening out with a stylish leopard print or silver clutch. Add a simple necklace or a pair of earrings and you are ready to go!

Prints & patterns are a practical and stylish choice (Photo courtesy of Popreal)

Travelling with Kids

If you are travelling with your daughter, make sure she looks fashionable too! Popreal offers a large selection of dresses for girls (like this super cute black and white dress above) so you will be spoilt for choice. Just make sure the dress is practical as well - prints and patterns are a great choice.

Matching Swimwear (Photo courtesy of Popreal)

Time for a Beach

Matching swimwear is such a fun option for a family trip. You will not only turn heads, but also look great on your vacation photos. 

Backpacks for girls are the most convenient option to bring all the necessities to the beach. Colourful and unique, they will put a smile on your daughter's face every time she carries one with her.

Enjoy your vacation in style!

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