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By Nina Simons

10 Top Instagrammable Places in Sydney
You Must Visit

Photo courtesy Nina Simons

There is a reason why Sydney attracts millions of visitors every year and one of them is its undeniable beauty. The magnificent architecture, surprisingly lavish greenery and rolling waves make this Australian city a breathtaking experience. So, it’s no wonder that Sydney is full of Instagrammable places you simply must visit and snap some pictures.

However, since the city is pretty big you will find that there is a multitude of these opportunities. Therefore, if you find yourself in Sydney, you must visit the following top Instagrammable places. Without a doubt, these will give you a great experience and like-worthy photos. 

Wendy’s Secret Garden 

Once you enter Wendy’s Secret Garden near the Harbour Bridge you will start looking for fairies and magical creatures. This spread of greenery on merely a hectare of land is full of life in the middle of one of the most urbanistic cities in the world. Fig trees, palms, and numerous flowers make this a popular destination to take a break but also to immortalize some moments for Instagram.

Photo courtesy Nina Simons

Bondi Icebergs Pool 

Not only will you be able to swim on the edge of the sea, but Bondi Icebergs Pool is a perfect spot to enjoy the view of the horizon. Located on the popular Bondi Beach as part of the Icebergs Club, these pools are a perfect way to cool off and relax. The waves constantly crash on the pool’s edges and that is how it’s filled with fresh saltwater, which is also a perfect time to snap a few selfies. 

Wedding Cake Rock 

Wedding Cake Rock looks like a nicely shaped dessert, but its sweetness is beyond its looks. Situated in the Royal National Park this white landmark offers a beautiful view on the neverending blue of the water and sky. But, what makes it even more attractive is the notion that it’s naturally sinking so that would make this spot even more desirable photo destination. 

Photo courtesy Nina Simons

Angel Place 

In a quiet alley of the CBD, you will easily find one of the most photo-worthy spots in Sydney. Fittingly named Angel Place is a home to art installation Forgotten Songs which consists of 50 bird cages hanging from wires above. This is a unique sculpture which plays bird recordings in order to remind people that Sydney was once a home to such lovely animals. 

The Museum of Contemporary Art 

The Museum of Contemporary Art features extraordinary work from artists all over the country and world. However, you will often see people taking a picture in front of the building for its modern and extravagant design. There are more than 4,000 pieces on exhibition by local artists, while MCA Café is a nice spot to have some coffee and take photos of the Sydney Opera House. 

Photo courtesy Nina Simons

The Strand Arcade 

The moment you step from your modern suites in Sydney into the Strand Arcade you will feel like you time traveled to 1920s. This is a fashion hub with Victorian-style architecture that offers designer labels, jewelry stores, but also some elegant cafés. If you want to make some captivating photos in a romantic setting, then make sure to visit the Arcade Strand during the day when the light falls through tinted windows onto balustrades. 

The Grounds of Alexandria 

The most stunning spot to have coffee in Sydney is certainly the Grounds of Alexandria which is a warehouse turned into a farm. The venue is extremely popular and always packed with visitors who come here to grab a lunch or simply enjoy the ambiance. This is also the home of the famous Russell Crow the rooster and Kevin Bacon the pig who will certainly be an interesting model for the photo. 

Photo courtesy Nina Simons

Mount Wilson 

Mount Wilson is one of the must-visit places during spring and summer since it consists of numerous Instagrammable gardens. Located in the famous Blue Mountains, this place is only two hours away from Sydney and one of the favorite getaways for Sydneysiders. The colorfulness of the trees will help you create perfect photos even with your smartphone so make sure that the battery is full. 

Sydney Opera House 

Sydney Opera House is one of the classic Instagrammable places that everyone likes to stop by when in the city. The glossy and matte tiles make this structure look astounding during all hours so you will always be able to snap a good picture. You can join one of the tours of the Opera House and take pictures inside, or admire it from afar to capture its whole recognizable shape. 

Photo courtesy Nina Simons

Bare Island 

Bare Island may be a great spot for scuba diving, but it is wonderful for sightseeing as well especially if you want something less urban to see. The island is connected to the mainland with a narrow bridge and it is now one of the most popular locations to take pre-wedding photos. Once a military fort, Bare Island hosts guided tours every Saturday for those interested in the Australian history.

All in all

You will certainly find more Instagrammable places in Sydney but these are ideal to start from. Just strike your best pose and let your surrounding do the rest.

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