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Top Tips for Always Travelling in Style

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Whether you are heading out for business, for a big vacation with family or visiting Paris Michelin restaurant with friends, there is always something you can do to make sure you are stepping out in style. Here are our top tips for making sure you always look and feel like your best.


When it comes to your airport outfit, you cannot go wrong with elegant and comfortable. If you know you are heading to a business meeting when you step off the plane, dress business casual and have a smart blazer ready to whip over the top of everything else. 

Avoid anything potentially tight or restrictive like jeans but at the same time don’t head for complete comfort with sweatpants. A nice pair of leggings or loose trousers will be perfectly adequate and will keep you looking sharp.

For your tops, stay away from anything think and heavy and instead dress in layers of breathable fabrics like cotton. Airports and planes can have some quite heavy air conditioning but your destination might be quite warm. Layers allow you to scale clothing up or down quickly and effortlessly without necessitating a whole outfit change.

Flats are a must when it comes to shoes. Slip some heels into your carry-on if you need them but navigating the airport should always be done in flats. Choose a smart slip-on pair to look chic while not holding up the queue at security.

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Get Yourself to the Airport

Who needs to worry about shuttle buses or taxis when you have your own car? Parking at the airport is easier than ever before and it may even be more cost-effective than a taxi if you are only going to be away from a few days. Take, for example, parking at Bristol Airport. You can drive your own car there with plenty of time to spare, hand over your keys to a parking representative, and make your entrance to the terminal.

Meanwhile, the parking representative will take your vehicle to a secure compound where it will stay until your return flight. Then you just need to head out and pick it up. It is really that simple and will turn any airport journey into seamless ease. If you would like more information, you can follow this link for parking options.

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Pack Your Carry-On Carefully

Let’s have a quick word about the carry-on before we go into more detail. There are many fabulous four-wheeled options with a hard shell available for you to try on the market. The great thing about hard-shell suitcases is you can’t stretch them to the limits like you can with a soft-shell. Their finite space will help to keep you well within the luggage allowances; as well as keeping your personal belongings nice and safe.

When packing your carry-on, there are some things which you should always include. If you have a checked bag, take some spare clothes in your carry-on just in case your suitcase gets lost. Something else may even happen; a tiny bit of turbulence could send your seat-neighbour’s red wine tumbling onto your crisp white oxford. Make sure you also include a little hygiene kit. Some deodorant, some moisturiser, and a spritz of your favourite perfume or cologne after you land will work wonders for your mood and your energy levels.

If you are travelling with just a carry-on, the art of the capsule wardrobe must be learned. Pick some key basics and a few interchangeable staples that can easily be mixed to make a dozen effortless looks. 

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Know Where You are Going

If you have never visited your destination before, take some time to learn everything you can before you leave. Research the area around your hotel and find out exactly where the hotspots are. A café, a restaurant, a convenience store, and a bar are all good things to know the location of before you go. You can also ask at your hotel for recommendations.

It would also be helpful to learn a few phrases of the native language of the country you are visiting. Even basics like “thank you” will get you far and may potentially open doors to you. People are always willing to be a little nicer to you if you can show that you have made the effort. If you want to take on the role of the glamourous jetsetter, a polite smile and a handful of phrases in half a dozen languages will take you far.

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Learning how to travel the world in style is easier than you think it might be. If you are just beginning to travel, investing in some staple pieces like good-quality hand luggage and the right travel clothes are brilliant places to start. Before long, you will always be stepping out in style every single time you step off a plane.

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