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By Eva Fydrych

February 2019

Marta Jakubowski SS 2019 (Photo courtesy of London Fashion Week)

Hello February! One of the most important months in fashion is here. Fashion Studio Magazine prepared a list of the most interesting events - catwalk shows, trend seminars, fashion conferences, and exhibitions - happening around the world in February 2019. This month, there are over 70 international events to choose from. 

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1-10 February 2019

1-5 Ukrainian Fashion Week FW 19-20, Kyiv

1-9 Fringe Festival 2019 

2-4 Immagine Italia & Co, Florence, Italy 

2-8 Norwegian Fashion Week, Fornebu 

2.02-14.07 Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, V&A London 

3-6 WT Wearable Technologies 2019 Europe, Munich, Germany 

3-6 NY NOW Lifestyle, New York 

4.02 Mode Suisse edition 15, Zurich 

4-5 Oslo Runway, Norway 

4-6 Stockholm Fashion Week 

4-6 SOLEIL Tokyo 

4-7 080 Barcelona Fashion 

4-10 Stockholm Design Week 

4-13 New York Fashion Week 

5.02 Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Museo del Traje, Madrid 

5.02 Chinese New Year 2019 - Year of the Pig 

5.02 Barcelona Fashion Summit - 7th edition 

5-6 London Edge, Las Vegas 

5-7 Toronto Fashion Week FW19 

6-8 Fashion Business Days Stockholm 

7-9 Echo Art Tech, Abu Dhabi 

7-10 SIMOF 2019 - 25 years, Sevilla 

8-9 #SAMW South African Menswear AW19, Cape Town 

8-10 MOMAD Madrid is Fashion, Spain 

8.02-2.06 Swinging London: A Lifestyle Revolution/Terence Conrad-Mary Quant,
London Fashion and Textile Museum 

9-10 Fashion Exposed Now, Sydney 

9-11 In Fashion Munich, Germany 

9-12 Supreme Women& Men, Munich 

10.02 Frock Me! Vintage Fashion Fair, London 

10-12 PURE London 2019 

10-12 SCOOP London 

10-13 MICAM Milano, Italy 

10.02-27.05 The Value of Good Design, MoMa New York 

11-20 February 2018

11-13 FDLA NYFW Shows FW19, New York 

11-14 Awantex Paris 

11-14 Texworld Paris 

11-24 IFS 2019 International Fashion Showcase London 

12-13 Melbourne Retail Festival, Australia 

12-14 Premiere Vision Paris 

13-16 Atlantic City Fashion Week - season 14 

14.02 Plitz New York City Fashion Week 

14-16 Madrid Design PRO 

15-16 Couture Fashion Week - 29th season, New York 

15-17 Fashion Scout, London 

15-19 London Fashion Week 

16-17 Fashions Finest AW 19 

16-17 London Fashion Week Festival 

16-18 STYL-KABO, Brno, Czech Republic 

17.02 Britain's Top Designer 2019, London 

17-19 Moda UK, Birmingham 

17-19 Chicago Collective 

17-19 Exical 2019 Cordoba, Argentina 

19-21 #AWLATAM Adwersiting Week LATAM, Mexico City 

19-25 Milan Fashion Week 

20-22 Asia Apparel Expo, Berlin 

21-28 February 2018

21.02 Webinar Drapers: Lesson from Christmas 2018 

21.02 Imperial Latest: Smart Fashion, London 

21.02 Malaga Urban Fashion Experience 

21-22 London Fashion Tech Conference 

21-24 Life in Style, Sydney 

22-25 White Milano, Milan, Italy 

22-28 Porto Fashion Week

23.02 Belfast Alternative Fashion Week 

24.02-6.07 Joan Miro Birth of the World, MoMa, New York 

25-27 Moda, New York 

25.02-5.03 Paris Fashion Week 

27.02-1.03 Design Indaba 2019, Cape Town 

27.02-2.03 Colombo Fashion Week - 15 Years, Sri Lanka

27.02-2.03 South Florida International Fashion Week, Womenswear Collections

27.02-5.03 London show ROOMS Paris 


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