Monday, February 18, 2019


By Inside Retail Asia

‘Gucci Places’ named in six travel destinations

Photo courtesy of Daelim Museum

Luxury fashion brand Gucci has labelled six international destinations as ‘Gucci Places’ – a list that includes Daelim Museum in Seoul.

The Gucci Places were selected by the Italian Fashion House as destinations that “surprise, arouse interest, and inspire a creative response”, according to a report in Prestige Online.

They were chosen in collaboration with well-known artists who were tasked with visiting the place and record their impressions, establishing a visual journey of photographs, travel notes and sketches. 

Daelim Museum was named for its association with Coco Capitan, an artist whose calligraphy has appeared on Gucci collections.

You can read more about Gucci Places and discover other destinations here and here.

Gucci Garden, Florence, Italy (Photo courtesy of Gucci) Click to enlarge

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