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Thoughtful Gifts
For International Women’s Day

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This joyous international day isn’t necessarily about luxury and going over the top, although there is nothing wrong with going that extra mile to surprise the woman of your life. Happiness doesn’t come with a price tag so let’s focus on things that really matter: thoughtfulness, humor, and, most importantly, love. Women adore when you make a small gesture that shows you care for them. So if you have been stuck with ideas to sweep your wife, mother, partner, or friend off her feet, here is a list of thoughtful gifts that will jump-start your gift-giving imagination.

Leather Accessories

Doting upon the woman of your life requires that you understand what she needs. And, boy, do women love fashion accessories! Such elegant pieces enable them to feel sophisticated and fly when they hit the town. Some of the most notable Italian leather gifts for her include purses, totes, handbags, and all other bag styles that will beautifully complement her looks. Just make sure to find pieces that are made of real vegetable tanned leather because not only do they last a lifetime, but they also develop this unique patina that really gives the bag character. 


Women L-O-V-E shopping! So why not take her out on a shopping spree to get those serotonin levels rising? Whether you decide to visit luxury malls with branded clothes or crowded flea markets that never cease to surprise, there are tons of exciting places you can visit to get her fashion sense tingling. Just by knowing that she can spice up her wardrobe will make her feel like the belle of the ball. Shoes, dresses, undergarments - nothing should be off the table. Treat your lady with a thrilling shopping experience and she will never forget it!

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Although they are the most traditional gift you can think of, there are still many ways to amp the flower arrangement up to really wow the missus. Don’t think of it as a cliche solution but an opportunity to go over the top and be inventive. You can either opt for a potted plant that she can later replant in her garden, fresh cult bouquets or gorgeous personalized arrangements made of artificial, pressed or dried flowers. And if you really want to show you care, do a little gardening yourself maybe and dedicate the home-grown blooms in her honor. 

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If you can spark her pride in being a woman, consider your gift to be not just a successful one, but also a noble one. This worthy pursuit can be accomplished in many ways: surprise her with a history review of all the important and powerful ladies in the world, present to her a book or movie about female emancipation and suffrage, or just write your own little piece as to why you see the woman of your life as an epitome of grace, beauty, and strength. Sometimes, sharing knowledge is the best way to go on this international day so never hesitate to verbally express your admiration and honor her presence. 

Ladies-only party

If your lady is a social butterfly and loves being with her friends, help them organize a party where they can celebrate life and friendships to the fullest. Make sure to provide suitable entertainment, sufficient drinks, catering, and, most importantly, a perfect location to set the mood. This day has a festive tone so organizing a party in their honor will really make them feel special and appreciated. 

Photo courtesy of Pexels


The best pick-up line in the world is “Do you want something to eat?” Whether you want to flirt, impress, reward, thank or honor someone, a table in a fine restaurant can do wonders. So ask her what would she like to eat? Is there a dish she always wanted to try but never did? Is there a place she never got the chance to visit? See where her appetites lie and make some reservations posthaste. Or better yet, make it all a surprise!

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