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Press Release

The designer and businesswoman Johanna Ortiz
is opening Colombiamoda 2019 

Photo courtesy of Johanna Ortiz

  • The opening runway will celebrate the labor Colombiamoda has been doing for 30 years from the accompaniment and projection of the Latin American fashion industry.
  • Colombiamoda is the platform that has transformed and defined the DNA of the designer and businesswoman and helped her to connect with international markets.
  • Currently, Johanna Ortiz is one of the most successful Colombian proposals in the international field, and her business model merges in a remarkable way creativity and management.
  • The night of July the 22nd, not only promises to be an unforgettable moment for the Colombian fashion, but also a tribute to the industry’s potential and its international reach.

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA - Inexmoda, as the institute beacon of the fashion system, is presenting the opening runway of Colombiamoda’s 30th edition, Colombia’s Fashion Week®, with Johanna Ortiz in charge. This businesswoman and designer from Cali, whom successful career tells about the evolution of her brand and the consolidation of her business model, to the point, that today she is the most well-known Colombian creative in the international fashion and one of the most relevant Latin-American designer of the moment.

“For Colombiamoda 2019, Johanna Ortiz’ runway not only represents a tribute to the potential of the national fashion, but also a testimony of the labor this platform has in the accompaniment and projection of the creative talents and brands, certifying that this is the most important platform of Colombia facing the fourth industrial revolution”, according to Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, President of Inexmoda.

JOHANNA ORTIZ San Bernardo Del Viento Dress (Photo courtesy of FWRD)

Johanna Ortiz’ Business model evolution 

Johanna Ortiz remembers in the year 2002 her fashion house was founded and from that moment, Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week® has become a must in regards of the products and contacts within the fashion business. Then, she had her own space at the tradeshow and, years later, her name figured in the program of the main shows. In fact, each of her fashion shows in Colombiamoda, has been a prove of the evolution of her brand, as in 2014, when she presented the collection Nativa.

“The runway presented in Colombiamoda 2014 stood out as a milestone as it ignited the definition of the essence and aesthetic identity of my brand. Thus, it was the first collection I presented abroad, same collection Moda Operandi released on its online platform, opening the gates to the international market”, said the businesswoman.

After 17 years as a designer and businesswoman, Johanna Ortiz states about the many changes and learning over her journey. From a daily simple production model to a formal planning thought to export. Likewise, she has understood the dynamics of a so competitive business as fashion and the challenges being faced by the Colombian creatives, such as the value of a solid design proposal, as a clear DNA, promoting novelty and calling the attention over the capability to find inspirational referent in Colombia’s natural and cultural treasures.

JOHANNA ORTIZ Grosgrain-trimmed ruffled plissé silk-voile dress (Photo courtesy of NET-A-PORTER)

For Johanna Ortiz, one of the keys of business success, is to be surrounded of a talented and committed team. This is why she does not hesitate to recognize the importance her sister has had managing her brand, as she has been the person in front of the supply chain, and the export’s infrastructure. Equally, given the characteristics of her business model, she counts with an important focus and care of her international clients in order to be able to offer them a remarkable shopping experience.

Thanks to her entrepreneurial vision, her brand’s DNA structuring and her creative proposal, Johanna Ortiz’ business model has become strong enough to generate 313 direct employments in Cali, Colombia, and passing from producing 3.000 garments per year in 2014, to produce 28.000 projected for 2019, which will be reflected in four different yearly collections exhibited in New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

90% of her production is destined to export market and due to her business model she has presence in 23 different markets across the world in countries like United States, Italy, France, Germany and Greece through recognized retailers and stores such as Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorfs, Goodman or online platforms as Moda Operandi, Net a Porter, Mytheresa or Lane Crawford, and more. In addition, the brand is well recognized in the Middle East and Asia.

The entrepreneur ensures that the actual challenges for fashion entrepreneurs are rooted in the changes being presented in the physical commercial formats, digital channels and sustainability.

Photo courtesy of Inexmoda (Click to enlarge)

About her Collection 

For Colombiamoda’s 30th edition, Colombia’s fashion week ®, the opening runway encapsulates and emotive message of the underlying talent in the national fashion, employment generation in the textile and confections sector in Colombia, support to women heads of household and the entrepreneurial and internationalization capacity.

In fact, her Cruise 2020 collection, called Caprice, will be opening the night of July the 22nd, Colombiamoda’s 30th edition, Colombia’s Fashion Week®. A story embodying the spirit of a spontaneous woman, adventurous and risky through 65 different looks describing the firm’s joyful, sophisticated and tropical identity.

The designs will exhibit the volume and the movement that have defined Johanna Ortiz. Her traditional boleros, wide sleeves will have a special lead. Likewise, apparels are having an important graphic component inspired in Ellsworth Kelly’s work, la flor del borrahero, the guacas, and the clay vessels from Tolima, referents used for the graphics development, which will move from a color palette earth and ochre to vibrating tones. The outfits are thought for diverse occasions embracing the night, the day, the beach, and, with a transitional emphasis, as this collection is in the middle of a seasonal change from warm to cold climate.

Hereby, official opening Colombiamoda’s 30th edition, Colombia’s Fashion Week®, by the hand of Johanna Ortiz, opens the curtain of a renewed tradeshow featuring business, fashion, and knowledge, tracing the path entrepreneurs and Latin-American brands need to structure, compete in global markets and face the fourth industrial revolution.

JOHANNA ORTIZ Modern Day Muse Dress (Photo courtesy of FWRD)

See you in Medellin!

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