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Enjoy the French capital in Style!

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Traveling surely is a challenging thing to do. But, before you jumped right into that challenge itself, there is another smaller challenge you have to surpass: making a plan for the trip itself. Well, if you know the right source to get information for your trip, it could go very smoothly. I have good news for you! Recently, I just had a very interesting discussion with my friends in INSIDR, the friendly start-up based in Paris with the aim to give travelers the best experience possible for their travel. They have a lot of interesting and useful articles about some of the most favorite holiday destination in Europe, and now I will try to share some of it with you!

As they are based in Paris, it is no wonder that they have information about Paris beyond expectations. For food lovers, Paris is certainly the best holiday destination that you can hope for! The choices are practically unlimited. I really would love to try to eat at one of the traditional French restaurants to start with, and maybe get a traditional brunch on the next day. I found a complete Paris restaurant guide on their website and it was super helpful! They also have a list of places where we can get brunch for less than €20, which I absolutely will try when I’m there.

They even have a recommendation for a specialized diet like gluten-free and vegan restaurants in Paris. If you are curious about the other more typical French food, you should go for some escargot, oysters, and maybe some truffles. And to finish it all, don't forget the dessert! Macarons, crêpes, or even chocolate, you can find all of the best ones here in Paris! If you are a cheese lover, no doubt that you should also go cheese hunting and visit the best fromagerie in Paris. Each region in France has its own specialties of cheeses, but here you can find a bunch of varieties of cheeses.

Crepes (Photo courtesy of INSIDR)

Paris is also famous for housing more than a hundred museums in town. The Louvre being the most prominent one in Paris. As this museum always full of tourist all year round, make sure that you have prepared everything for your visit. How to get your ticket beforehand, the best Louvre entrance to avoid an extremely long queue, and where you can grab a bite around the area are some of the most important that you have to know. If you are planning to visit several museums in Paris, you should consider getting the Paris Museum Pass that may be a good deal for you.

As I mentioned before, Paris is full of museums. Not only big art museums like Louvre or L'Orangerie, but also the less known museum that was not less interesting to visit. Get the complete guide of museums in Paris by INSIDR, and you will be an expert before you know it.

Louvre (Photo courettes of Unsplash) Click to enlarge

Even though they based in Paris, INSIDR has a lot more stories to offer beyond it, be it another region in France or another European city. But, as I am doing my own research about France, so this time I was focusing on fascinating things in France. Loire Valley, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, is one of the regions in France that always intrigued me. How could it not? With all the beautiful castle and classic captivating architecture all around, I could easily spend my whole week just walking around discovering the area!

Loire Chateaux (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

You could start from Amboise, a beautiful little village with their medieval castle. At Chapel of Saint-Hubert here, you can find the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci. Cheverny is another little village with a magnificent castle, Château de Cheverny. To the eastern part of Loire Valley, you can visit Tours, with their amazing castles and historical buildings, and also a great place to do wine and cheese tasting. Blois, the capital of this region, also has a lot of things to see, like the Blois Cathedral, and you can try many authentic local foods here. This must have been a nice change after spending several days in a big city like Paris and a way to see another part of France.

Wine & cheese tasting (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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