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By Goran Kezić

Your Ultimate Guide
for the Coolest Summer Festival Looks 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Festivals are the perfect place for meeting new people, listening to great music, experiencing different forms of art and just generally having the time of your life. It is also the place where you will most likely meet some cute guy and maybe even make friendships that will last forever. 

For the ultimate festival look, you need to stand out and be recognizable. You can do that by properly accessorizing your hair with the ultimate cute hair accessories, expressing yourself through your outfits and putting on your biggest smile! These are the coolest summer festival looks. 

Bohemian Chic 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

All the girls in love with the ‘60s era raise your hands! Bohemian look has been the ultimate festival look, well, since the original Woodstock held in 1969. Afterall they invented the look which we all so adore even today.

For the perfect boho outfit, you will need several things. A fringe lace skirt or jacket. Always aim to go with earthy colors like brown, black and orange. Everything that reminds you of the earth. Crochet tank top, preferably in white or beige. Crochet handbag is also a good choice. To protect your pretty head you will need a long and big brim hat. 

If you want to add a little edge to your look try going with biker boots. One of the best things when it comes to boho beauty is that the accessorizing options are practically endless. This is where you can really stand out. The more the merrier. Rings on rings, layered necklaces, sweet bohemian hair accessories, flower crowns, pearls, gemstones. Accessorizing always adds a personal touch to the look making it all the more original. 

Grunge Girl 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Summerfest is just around the corner and you need to be prepared for this great festival. This is the perfect place to show your dark and edgy side. And the best way you can do it is by upgrading your closet with a few grunge pieces.

First, you should buy several band tees. Select T-shirts with bands that you love and care about. You don’t want to embarrass yourself when people ask you if you like the band you are wearing. So bear that in mind. Second, plaid pants girls! Red, blue and yellow should be your go-to choice. If you’re more of a mini skirt kind of gal, a black faux leather mini skirt with fishnets will really bring out the edge. 

As for the accessories - chokers, bobby pins on one side of your head, a lot of rings, black nail polish and dark lipstick will do the trick. Because you need to protect your head from the sun you can get yourself a black vinyl fisherman flat cap to complete your look. Don’t forget to add tiny sunglasses for extra mystery. If you need any more inspiration, watch the movie The Craft!

‘90s Queen 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Lollapalooza is probably the perfect place where you can easily channel your inner ‘90s queen out in the open. Since ‘90s fashion has been our go-to option for the past couple of years, don’t be afraid to experiment with several ‘90s looks. Moreover, mix and match them and pretend you traveled through time!

The classic ‘90s queen is Cher Horowitz from the movie Clueless. This is probably one of the best movies to watch before a festival actually. It has all the key elements of a perfect ‘90s look. Mini checker skirt, faux fur, school girl outfits, chockers. A ‘90s queen dream. Even Iggy Azelia recreated the famous movie for her music video Fancy.

We are going here for a more cool, sexy girl kind of look so mixing a checkered mini skirt with a crop top and tiny glasses can be the ultimate win. Add to that a few cute hair clips on one side of your hair and you’re good to go. After all, it’s summer so you practically won’t need anything else. And another ‘90s babe is Rachel Green from Friends so before you head off to Lollapalooza a marathon of the show is in order.

Avant-Garde Beauty 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Sziget is one of the biggest festivals in Europe. If you want to go abroad and explore Hungary and maybe even a part of Europe for the summer you definitely should. And you should do that with style.

This year one of the ultimate looks on Coachella was the sheer robe. It was combined with several styles making in the ultimate head turner. If you don’t mind showing a little more skin a one-piece black bathing suit with a sheer robe with some additional details like silver stars or faux fur is absolutely eye-catching and unforgettable. 

You can also mix it up with some wide legged pants in some bold color like yellow or red and mix it up with a crochet tank top. The key to the avant-garde style is to mix and match anything and everything. As long as you find the meaning behind that particular look you are good to go. You can add flowers in your hair for a dash of fairy vibes. 

Mermaid Princess 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Being a mermaid princess is always a good idea. Especially for a summer festival. To achieve the mermaid look you will need to do several fun things. This is a complete look so everything from your head to toes must be checked.

First, you’ll need to dye your hair in some crazy color. If you don’t actually want to dye hair, you can always find some colorful hair sprays. You can choose one color or go full rainbow for the ultimate look. The mermaid look also requires a lot of glitter so don’t be afraid to put lots and lots of it. As for the outfit you guessed it right, it should be made from sequin! Find anything in rose gold, emerald green, galaxy purple or silver

You can go for a dress, top, and skirt, or top and shorts. Whatever you choose sequin is the ultimate mermaid outfit. Shiny, sparkly and glittery should be what you’re looking for! 

RtA Alice sequins top (Photo courtesy of Fartech)

Depending on your character and your overall preferences you can choose any of these particular looks and make them your own. As long as you have fun mixing and matching different outfits and experimenting with style, you can use this article for mixing all of these styles to get something absolutely new. Maybe you will become the next festival look trendsetter!

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