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By Nina Simons

Top Luxury Locations in Australia
Every Fashionista Would Like to Visit

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Nowadays, traveling has become so much more than simply getting away for a week or two to relax and not think about our work and responsibilities at home. It has become a form of art for many: the process of picking out a coveted destination, choosing all the outfits you’re planning on rocking there, and, of course, taking as many Insta-worthy photos to spice up your feed as possible – now, we want more from our travels than the bare minimum.

A destination that has been much-loved and very trendy in recent years is none other than Australia. This continent with its vast size and incredibly varied landscapes steals the hearts of all kinds of travelers – fashionistas included. Whether you want to explore untamed nature in style or you want to walk the iconic streets of urban jungles, taking in the local atmosphere and way of life, there is so much to choose from in Australia that you will simply be overwhelmed. Here are some of the luxury locations in this country that are worthy of your attention.

Byron Bay

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Starting off with a staple when it comes to Australian tourism, Byron Bay is an impeccable holiday destination that can give you those picture-perfect ocean views you’ve been waiting for. The Cape Byron Lighthouse is as stunning of a view as can get during sunrise and sunset, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when talking about what Byron Bay has to offer.

From waterfall hunting through horse riding on the beach, catching a glimpse of dolphins on a dolphin tour, going scuba diving and seeing friendly sea turtles all the way to hot air balloon rides and even skydiving, this is a place that will not leave you bored for even a second. In the meantime, you can even take relaxing strolls through the many markets and festivals that dot Byron Bay in the upcoming months.


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No Australia trip can go without visiting the capital, Sydney. And if you’re set on having a truly stylish holiday, you will be happy to hear that Sydney has countless spectacular instagrammable spots that will fill up your camera’s memory card very fast. For real luxury, make sure you incorporate dining at a 5-star restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour and the iconic Harbour Bridge. The restaurants with the best view in Sydney are most certainly Aria and Quay. Taking a laid-back cruise in this harbor is also a great choice.

The best thing about Sydney is just how close the busy streets are to beautiful beaches where you can relax and show off your new bikinis too! Head to the Tamarama or Bondi beach. However, if you prefer luxurious swimming pools then the underground swimming pool at The Langham hotel is a place for you.


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A sharp contrast from Sydney, Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, also has a lot to offer. From mesmerizing architectural wonders such as Melbourne Central through checking out some of the museums to marvel at the culture and history of this country all the way to indulging in Melbourne’s rich coffee scene, you will love the atmosphere that this city offers.

For fine dining visit Phillipe, Gingerboy and Flower Drum where you can try delicious dishes. The most amazing hotels Melbourne has to offer are Sofitel Melbourne, The Windsor and again exquisite Langham with its stunning views over the Yarra. Moreover, considering Melbourne is the second largest city on the continent, you can rest assured it’s well connected, and with a private aircraft charter to Melbourne, you can visit this amazing city in style.

Daintree Rainforest

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Daintree Rainforest covers a large area full of mountain peaks, waterfalls, and beaches with forests believed to be one of the oldest in the world. There is a fair share of luxurious resorts here offering guests the opportunity to fully experience natural beauties and the land like Silky Oaks Lodge and Cockatoo Hill Retreat. Make sure to go on a guided hiking tour and bring your binoculars since Daintree is full of rare and native bird species such are Pale-yellow Robins and Lovely Fairy Wrens.

The rainforest is also famous for its saltwater crocodiles and if you want to see one you should take a cruise on the Daintree River. Mossman Gorge is a magnificent space where you can sit on a giant boulder while water runs around although you can also take a dip if the conditions are safe. Daintree Village is a great place to buy local arts and crafts as well as to get to find out more about Aboriginal culture and even paint a boomerang. 


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Perhaps the most famous and impressive sight on the continent is the huge, red rock of Uluru. It’s a must-see when one is visiting Australia, but what if we said you could actually spend your holiday in the close vicinity of this landmark? Resorts such as Sails in the Desert Hotel allow you to stay in this beautiful region, enjoying the vast, open views and touring the Ayers Rock in any form you want. Watching the rock at sunrise and sunset should be a no-brainer, but camel tours, helicopter tours and immersive cultural experiences such as participating in an Aboriginal dot painting workshop will give you unforgettable memories in the heart of the Australian desert.

Freycinet Peninsula

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Tasmania, with its impeccable nature, is a perfect choice that is also eco-conscious at the same time. At places like Freycinet National Park, you will find that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury in order to be close to nature – book accommodation by the wonderful Great Oyster Bay and the views from your bedroom window will be a joy to wake up to every morning. Freycinet also offers some truly fine wining and dining options, so your palate will enjoy the trip as much as you do, while the many available activities will give you plenty of things to do in between indulging in delicious seafood meals.

As said, Australia has lots of faces, which is why it is such a good travel destination. So, prepare your holiday ensemble and book your flight as soon as possible!

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