Wednesday, June 26, 2019


By Jennifer Marino

Best Solo Travel Destinations
and What to Pack

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Solo traveling can be daunting the first few times, but it’s a truly exhilarating experience if you thoroughly prepare. Spend your summer creating memories of a lifetime by taking a risk and packing the right gear! Researching travel destinations and packing the contents of your summer subscription box accordingly can help make the process more manageable and give you a better idea of what to expect.

Compared to traveling in a group, solo traveling offers a number of benefits including the ability to move at your own pace and focus on what you’re really interested in. Keep reading to get help planning your upcoming solo trip and figuring out what you need to pack.


Paris is usually thought of as a romantic destination, but it can be equally unforgettable when experienced alone. It offers some of the most beautiful sights anywhere on Earth, and its varied neighborhoods make it impossible to see everything on just one trip. There’s a reason so many people want to return to Paris after their first time going.

Make sure you include a day trip to Versailles in your itinerary. You won't regret it!

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Like Paris, Berlin offers a completely unique mix of cultures plus classic and modern architecture. As another one of Europe’s largest cities, it’s easy to just get lost in the streets and take in the atmosphere, but there are also countless museums, historical sites, and other attractions worth visiting.

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Prague is a relatively small city compared to other European capitals, making it easy to navigate on foot. Places like the Prague Castle and Old Town are must-see destinations, and you can see most of the city from above if you check out the Petřín funicular.

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Packing for a solo trip is often intimidating—you want to have enough with you to get by, but not so much that it makes traveling difficult or leads to additional charges. Think about the things that you would find in an accessory subscription box and use that as a guide for your travel essentials! Luckily, you can usually fit everything you need in a backpack and small suitcase if you’re willing to cut down on a few unnecessary items.

Shoes are the most common problem when trying to pack light, as each additional pair significantly reduces the space you have for other items. Try to limit yourself to two or three versatile pairs rather than packing a different shoe for every occasion, and wear the bulkiest pair on the plane to save even more space.

You can also make your luggage go further by only packing versatile outfits that are easy to mix and match. Clothes that you’ll only wear in one outfit or for specific occasions can be left at home—bring items that layer well in order to be comfortable regardless of the weather.

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Traveling alone doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds, and most people have an amazing time once they reach their destination. Consider visiting some of these amazing cities and using these efficient packing tips to save as much space as possible.

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