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By Marie Nieves

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Australia
in (Their) Wintertime

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Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations all through the year. Summer is normally when everyone decides to go, although winter months in Australia have so much to offer as well. If you are still deciding on when to take a trip, these reasons may help you realize why wintertime in Australia will be amazing. 

Pleasant weather that leaves many options available

Winter in Australia lasts from June to August. The weather during these months is colder than summer, of course, but temperatures don’t normally go below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). It is the perfect 25-degree weather to get to know Australia because walks and sightseeing, as well as the traveling process, will not be so tiring and intense. If, however, you want to experience the true winter, including snow, it is best to visit the southern part of the country that has mountain ranges where you will be able to enjoy skiing and other winter sports. 

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Fun activities that wintertime Australia has to offer

Although summertime offers hot weather and sunbathing on white sandy beaches, there are many exciting winter activities that will make you love Australia even more. The water is still warm enough in many places which allows you to go scuba diving or enjoy any other water sport you like. A perfect place for this is the Great Barrier Reef. For a fun road trip, the Great Ocean Road offers many sightseeing places along the way, including The Twelve Apostles.

Another fun thing to do is go to Tasmania and enjoy the beautiful green and purple colors of the Southern Lights. For a fun time, music and partying, you will be happy to hear that winter months are when all the festivals begin. You can go dancing and visit concerts, and not worry about the weather since it will be very pleasant. Sydney is also very fun during winter since it also has music programs and impressive light sculptures to be seen, as well as a rich program at the Sydney Opera house. If any of this sounds appealing, a great boutique hotel in Sydney is a perfect place to make your stay even more enjoyable. 

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You can experience whale watching

Winter months are a time when whales travel thousands of miles to mate in warmer waters, which leads them right to Australia. If you are an adventurous person and a nature enthusiast, this may be the perfect activity for you. It can be expensive, but you can plan it in advance or look for discounts and save some money. Some places even offer whale-watching safari, which is truly an amazing experience. An additional plus is that you will spend time near water and enjoy the rich ocean life in general. 

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It is the perfect time to travel on a budget

Australia in winter is not a peak season, which you will be able to tell by seeing fewer tourists. If you enjoy a calmer atmosphere, then this will be a great time for you. One more thing, which is very important for most of us, is that Australia is cheaper during winter. First of all, traveling there will be more affordable. You will be able to find accommodation for a lot less, as well as eat in restaurants and go shopping. It will be easier to even book a hotel since it is not a tourist season. There are many discounts on different tours, hotels and activities so definitely research it before, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. 

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If you were ever wondering what is it that Australia has to offer besides water sports and enjoying the ocean, then winter is the perfect time to find out. The pleasant weather and cheaper stay, in general, allow you to experience a whole different side to Australia and make you fall in love with it even more.

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