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By Ranji J

Top Jewelry Trends to Follow
for Summer 2019

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Watch out for runways and you will be amazed to find out unique and amazing jewelry worn by models this year. The summer 2019 jewelry trends are bringing your way a plethora of options – from raw gems and coin jewelry to flowers and shells. To help you keep up with the current fashion norms, we have made a list of top trends you need to follow this season. Have a look:

Jewelry for Ear

  • Ear Cuffs – Ear cuff is a piece of timeless jewelry that will always be in style. From simple hoops to claw-like designs, they are available in many forms. Look for something in a cluster of white diamonds, gemstones, and yellow gold. Get them from your favorite body jewelry shop
  • Resin Hoop Earrings – Colored resin hoop jewelry is an epitome of beauty and serenity. It goes well with all types of outfits including everyday dresses, bikinis, shorts, etc. 
  • Shell Ear Jewelry – To flaunt a nautical theme this summer season, shell ear jewelry would do the trick. Go for solo shell jewelry or look for designs that incorporate pearls. 
  • Pearl Studs – Pearl studs or any other type of pearl jewelry will all the rage this summer 2019. Hunt for small pearl stud earrings, hoops, etc. to make your ear piercings look simple and elegant. 
  • Mismatched Crystal Drop Ear Jewelry – The trend of mismatched jewelry will never completely go away. To flaunt your piercings colorfully, get your hands on a few mismatched crystal drop earrings. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Jewelry for Nose

  • Black Nose Jewelry – No doubt black is the color of the winter season, it is all ready to rock this summers in the form of nose jewelry. From tiny black studs and layered black nose rings to celestial black nose rings and giant black hoops, all will be trending this summer 2019. 
  • Colored/Gemstone Nose Rings – The summer season is all about colors. Why not pick some colorful nose rings to flaunt your piercing? Choose a gemstone nose ring according to your birth horoscope and flaunt it stylishly. 

Jewelry for Neck

  • Chain Link Necklaces – Chain link chokers/necklaces are one of the hottest necklace trends this year. Select a delicate and fine chain choker or look for a thick chained necklace. 
  • Open-Cuff Necklace – An open-collar necklace serves as a perfect accessory to complement everything from daytime outfits to glamorous evening fashion ensembles. 
  • Layered Necklaces – Although this trend is not new, it is again here to rock this year. Opt for a fine gold layered necklace or settle for something like a beaded choker and coin necklace. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash (Click to enlarge)

Jewelry for Hand

  • Minimalist Gold Bangle – For hands, one trend that is here to capture attention is minimalist Gold Bangle. Wear one or two yellow-gold bangles for a barely-there look or stack several delicate cuffs for a more stylish look. 
  • Coin Bracelets – Coin bracelet is another hot jewelry trend of this summer season. This antique-inspired jewelry piece is sure to beautify all your fashion ensembles. 
  • Beaded Bracelets – A beaded bracelet constructed from stone, glass or enamel is perfect to adorn your hands. This fine body jewelry is ideal for creating for both and subdued looks.

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