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By Eva Fydrych

How to Find a Perfect Prom Dress
4 Easy Steps

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We all know that searching for the right prom dress requires a lot of patience and time. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a stressful experience. The ideal dress should not only suit your body type, but also match your personality and your fashion style.

The better you want to look, the more complicated and time-consuming the search becomes. That's why Fashion Studio Magazine partnered up with the online boutique LadyPromDress - with our useful styling guide you will not only look fashionable and be able to choose the most suitable dress for your figure, but also avoid blowing your budget.

Follow our simple steps to make the whole experience a lot of fun!

Top 4 tips for a successful prom look:

1. Plan Ahead

It is always better to prepare in advance and have peace of mind knowing that your dream dress is already hanging in your closet. Don't leave your shopping for the last minute! Consider visiting online boutiques such as LadyPromDress for a wide selection of designs and affordable prices.

3 Months Before

If you're looking to get into shape or tone up for prom, it is high time to start exercising and eating healthy.

Make sure you take extra care of yourself - exfoliate your skin weekly and start a good facial regimen if you haven't already. Also, don't forget to moisturise your skin and drink plenty of water to achieve a healthy glow on your face.

2. Know Your Shape

First of all, determine your body shape and decide which style will cover your imperfections and highlight your best features. Details, colour and naked skin can be used to divert attention to a place you'd rather emphasize. Everyone's body is different, so experiment and adapt what you think fits best.

For example, an A-line skirt is universally flattering for all body types; a maxi dress is a great option if you want to hide your legs and draw attention to the upper body.

Figure flattering is also all about finding the right balance: the length of your legs in relation to your torso, the width of your shoulders in relation to your hips. Those details matter to your overall appearance, and, just like everything else, they can be manipulated.


Your Goal: Creating the illusion of a higher waistline and longer legs

Yes: Higher-waisted dresses; Heeled, slim shoes toned to match bottoms

No: Low-waisted dresses; Anything that cuts off the length of your legs

Photo courtesy of LadyPromDress


Your Goal: Creating the illusion of a lower waistline and refocusing attention from your middle to your face and legs

Yes: Monochromatic dresses

No: High-waisted dresses; Wide waistbands or belts


Your Goal: Elongating your legs and creating a strong vertical line from head to toe

Yes: Monochromatic outfits; Fluid fabrics; High-waisted dresses; Minimal accessories, all in proportion to your body; Short Prom Dresses

No: Dresses that are too girly (with too many ruffles, bows or other cute details); Midcalf-length skirts and dresses; Anything baggy

Photo courtesy of LadyPromDress


Your Goal: Showcasing the curves you've got, creating the illusion of a bigger cleavage 

Yes: Dresses with breast pockets, gathers, a lot of details around the bust area; Push-up bras; Wide collars; Empire-waist dresses and coats; Halter tops

No: Loose or overly structured tops; Stiff fabrics


Your Goal: Showing your curves without over-emphasizing them, elongating your figure, balancing your shoulders and hips

Yes: Dresses with shoulder pads (if you are pear-shaped)

No: Shapeless clothing; Thick textures, pleats and shiny fabrics - they will make your bottom half look bigger; Big prints and back details are also not recommended as they accentuate the negative aspects of a bottom-heavy figure

Read more tips for this body type: How to Dress When You Have Narrow Shoulders?


Your Goal: Showcasing and elongating your figure, showing off your curves (without over-emphasizing them)

Yes: Dresses that fall smoothly over your curves; Pieces revealing skin at the shoulder, collarbone, or cleavage; Clean lines; Wrap-style dresses; Long Prom Dresses

No: Very thin fabrics; Oversized pieces; Too many details and accessories 

Photo courtesy of LadyPromDress

3. Be Yourself!

Make sure that you feel comfortable in everything you wear. Try to look good in a natural and instinctive way. That's sometimes more important that strictly following all the fashion rules. When your outfit is too forced, it looks like a fancy dress.

The ideal prom dress should not only suit your body type, but also match your personality and your fashion style. Check out LadyProm for more interesting styles and options.

4. Right Hair & Makeup

Before your big night out, make sure you take extra care of yourself - exfoliate your skin weekly and start a good facial regimen if you haven't already. Also, don't forget to moisturise your skin and drink plenty of water to achieve a healthy glow on your face.

Makeup, hair, and accessories can make or break the look. It's always important to pay attention to details. Is your nail polish matching your outfit? Is your complexion looking radiant and healthy? How are you going to style your hair?

Try to keep your look fresh and natural. If you decide to highlight your eyes, use only lip gloss for your lips and a small amount of blush for your cheeks; choose pastel peach or delicate pink - depending on your complexion. You can also go for a sexy red lipstick look which never goes out of fashion.

Remember to get plenty of sleep before your night out and always stay hydrated. Drinking sufficient amounts of water is one of the best things you can do for your skin. For more tips how to keep your complexion radiant and glowing, please click here. Enjoy your party!

Source: Secrets of Style

Photo courtesy of LadyPromDress


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