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By Eva Fydrych

October 2019

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Hello October! Fashion Studio Magazine prepared a list of the most interesting events - catwalk shows, trend seminars, fashion conferences, and exhibitions - happening around the world in October 2019. This month, there are over 130 international events to choose from.

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Ongoing Events

6.09-6.10 "Imaginación", Café GATO NEGRO, Guadalajara, Mexico

26.09-5.10 Metropolitan Fashion Week Los Angeles

"Imaginación", Café GATO NEGRO, Guadalajara, Mexico

1-10 October 2019

1-3 Pasarela Latinoamericana Madrid, Spain

1-31 Brisbane Fashion Month, Australia

1-31 Bandung Design Biennale 2019, Indonesia

2-3 Modtissimo, Porto, Portugal

2-3 Porto Fashion Film Festival, Portugal

2-3 Fashion People, Porto, Portugal

2-3 See Now, Buy Now, Porto, Portugal

2-3 Istanbul Fashion Conference, Turkey

2-4 LA Textile FW 20/21, California

2-4 Fashion World Tokyo, Japan

2-5 Alicante Fashion Week - 5th anniversary, Spain

2-5 Fashion NXT Week, New York

2-6 Portland Fashion Week, Oregon

2-6 Accra Fashion Week, Ghana

2-6 Africa Fashion Week Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

2-20 Torino Design of the City, Italy

3-5 Phoenix Fashion Week, Arizona

3-6 Frieze London,UK

3-6 Gran Canaria Moda Calida, Spain

3-27 Design Week Mexico


4-6 Fashion Days 2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands

4-6 Borneo Fashion Week

4-6 International Fashion Week Goa, India

4-6 Lux Fashion Week 2019 - 5th edition, Arlon, Belgium

4-6 MoWeek Verano 20, Montevideo, Uruguay

4-13 Taipei Fashion Week SS 20, Taiwan

4-13 Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, Netherlands 

5.10 Metropolitan Fashion Week - Fashion Awards Los Angeles 2019

5.10 Pacific Fusion Fashion Show, Auckland, New Zealand

5-6 Fashion Tech Summit Kyiv, Ukraine

5-12 Luxembourg Fashion Week

6-8 The Knot Couture Show, New York

6.10 Frock Me! Vintage Fashion Fair London,UK

6-12 BK Fashion Week Brooklyn, New York

6-13 Fashion Week in Chicago

7-8 Wear 2019 World Ethical Apparel Roundtable Toronto, Canada

7-9 TITAS 2019, Taipei, Taiwan

7-9 ABTA Tokyo, Japan

7-11 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico

7-13 Vancouver Fashion Week, Canada

7-13 Guyane Fashion Week- 7th edition, French Guiana 

8.10 Liverpool Fashion Week - 10th anniversary, UK

8-11 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, Turkey

8-12 LA Fashion Week, California

9-10 LIFWeek - Lima Fashion Week, 17th edition, Peru

9-10 Digital Fashion Convergence 2019, Guadalajara, Mexico

9-11 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Chile - 4th edition

9-12 Hub of Africa Fashion Week, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

9-12 Fashion Industry, St. Petersburg, Russia

9-13 Lisbon Design Show, Portugal

9-14 Arab Fashion Week Fashion in Dubai, ZEA

9-23 Shanghai Fashion Week SS 20

10.10 Drapers Fashion Forum 2019 London, UK

10-11 Vogue Forces of Fashion, New York

10-12 AFI 2019 African Fashion Week Joburg, South Africa

10-12 Festival International FIMDA - 4th edition, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

10-13 Tranoi Shanghai, China

10-13 Moda Lisboa, Portugal

10-13 Katowice Fashion Week, Poland

11-20 October 2019

11.10 Midlands Fashion Awards 2019, Birmingham, UK

11.10 Fashion Check In, Vienna, Austria

11-12 Ascot Fashion Weekend, UK

11-13 Fashion in Flair - 8th edition, Lucca, Italy

11-13 Greenstyle Fair and Conference - 3th edition, Munich, Gemany

11-13 Brussels Fashion Days 2019, Belgium

11-14 MODE SS 20 Shanghai, China

11-14 Nomad Summit Cancun, Mexico

11-15 Shanghai Fashion Week, China

12.10 Brisbane Fashion Runway, Australia

12-13 La Lonja Mexico 

12-13 MCR Fashion Festival, Manchester, UK

12-20 Venice Design Week, Italy

12-25 Brighton Digital Festival, UK

13-18 N48 Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Brazil

14-16 Designers & Agents Los Angeles, California

14-18 MOBU 2019, Burgos, Spain

14-19 Seoul Fashion Week SS 20, South Korea

14-19 Fashion Week Rochester - 10 years, New York

14-20 Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo SS 20, Japan 

14-20 Fashion Tech Week, Paris, France

14-20 Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje, Spain

15-17 MDM MODAMA PV 20, Guadalajara, Mexico

15-18 2019 Textile Sustainability Conference, Vancouver, Canada

15-18 Expo JOYA, Guadalajara, Mexico

15-18 Panasonic Manila Festival, Philippines

15-19 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

16-17 Textile Forum, The Fashion Fabric Show, London, UK

16-19 Montreal Indigenous Fashion Week, Canada

16-19 Latin People Madrid, Spain

16-20 Greenville Fashion Week, South Carolina

17-18 Maroc in Mode, Marrakesh

17-18 B Capital 2018 Bogota, Colombia

17-19 Baltic Fashion & Textile Vilnius, Lithuania

17-19 Textile, The Culture of Clothing and Fashion, Maribor, Slovenia

17-19 Zambia Fashion Week 2019

17-19 Fashion Week Panama

17-20 Glitz Africa Fashion Week, Accra, Ghana

17-21 Style 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

17-23 Sands Macao Fashion Week, China

17-26 Venice Fashion Week, Italy

17-27 San Francisco Fashion Week, California

18.10 Decoded Future New York 2019

18-21 ART TAIPEI 2019, Taiwan

18-26 19th ArtWear Biennial, Fort Collins, Colorado

18-27 Designart Tokyo, Japan

19-25 Jakarta Fashion Week 2020, Indonesia

19-27 Ducht Design Week, Eindhoven, Netherlands

21-31 October 2019

21-25 Startup Fashion Week Toronto, Canada

21-25 Ljubljana Fashion Week, Slovenia

22.10 DLD Singapore 2019

22-24 Pasarela de la Moda de Castilla y Leon, Spain 

23-26 Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2019, Nigeria

23-26 SAFW The Luxury Collections AW 20, Johannesburg, South Africa

24.10 Fashion Business Congress - 11 edition, Lodz,Poland

24-26 Fashion Kode 2020 S/S, Seoul, South Korea

24-26 Design Fest 2019 Guadalajara, Mexico

24-26 International Fashion Week Dubai, ZEA

24-27 MADE London Marylebone, UK

25-27 Nicaragua Disena 2919

25-27 ArtTO Art Toronto Fair - 20 years, Canada

25-28 Global Fashion Week and Awards Istanbul, Turkey

25.10-2.11 China Fashion Week Beijing

27-29 Expo Beauty Show Mexico City 

27-30 Global Source Fashion Hong Kong, China

27-30 Fashion Graduate Italia, Milan

28-30 Origin Africa - Trade Fair, Dar Salaam, Tanzania

28-31 Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week, Hanoi - 10th edition

29.10-2.11 Muestra Moda Mexicana, Barcelona, Spain

29.10-2.11 Riga Fashion Week SS 20, Latvia

30.10-2.11 Fashion Forward Dubai, ZEA

30.10-3.11 The Chocolate Fashion Show Paris, France

31.10-4.11 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, Giorgia


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