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By Rebecca Siggers

Top 10 Men's Style Trends
To Follow in 2019

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Men are gradually syncing in the fashion world. Many trends are cropping up, and the best part is that most of them are admirable. The modern man is not after wearing anything that covers the body. He is about class, fashion, and achieving an appealing look that makes him stand out whenever. Below are the top 10 men's style trends in 2019. Have a look at what each entails and start making wardrobe changes if at all you want to fit in the modern world.

Lighten up with super shorts

Super shorts trend has been the talk of men’s fashion in 2019. It is one of the best ways to achieve a casual look that is classy and adorable. It also keeps you light on your feet and makes you have a distinct look. The inclusion of a sizeable top or a vest makes it ideal for anyone who wants to look great at the beach or a hot day in the streets. 

Cycling shades

These stylish looking shades are flooding the streets, thus a trend that you can’t overlook. They can enhance your appearance and make you look perfect. The sporty design is incredible, and it is what distinguishes them from the rest of the shades. All they need is a perfect casual top and a denim trouser to pull out a look like no other. You can also include them in semi-casual wear. 

Cowboy boots

Boots have proven to be very popular in 2019. They are not only significant but also impressive. What makes them a great trend is that they offer absolute comfort to anyone while keeping your looks uptight. The types of boots you go for depends on whether you are planning to achieve a casual look, a semi-casual or an official look. You can also opt either for the ones with zippers or the ones that have laces.

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Bold prints cardigan

There is nothing that makes a man look smart than a cardigan with bold prints. Casual wear is something that has seen in 2019 become a colorful year. You can pair a cardigan with a pair of well-fitting trousers to bring out an attractive physique. The prints can also be super bright or only patterns with two. Either way, its ability to make someone stand out is the reason why many men are going for it.

All white looks

The all-white look is no longer something men are wearing to a special occasion. It is the latest trend that is taking up the streets by storm. Casual men are going for casual all-white looks while official men are going for all official white suits. The monochrome look gives you a high-end appearance that no other look can achieve. Adding a pair of white sneakers makes you look perfect.

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Whitewash jeans with T-shirts

It is one of the biggest trends of the year. Its simplicity is what makes it a fantastic fashion. The whitewash jeans have to be fitting and so should the T-shirt. You have to conclude with incredible sneakers to look perfect. If you wish, you can add classy cycling shades and one of the men's beaded bracelets to take things up a notch. The whole look gives you a simple but distinct appearance.

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Wearing clothes in layers is not only the best move but also the boldest. This fashion trend requires denim overshirt and a T-shirt to achieve. It may, however, be uncomfortable in the summer, but then, you can still achieve it without worrying about sweating all over the place. You can also go for a monochromatic look by putting on a denim overshirt with a similar color T-shirt. 

Leather jackets

Winters are great, especially if you own a great leather jacket. This can be a bomber leather jacket or a simple leather jacket. Its ruggedness and timeless look always put it on top of the trends year after year. It is one trend that assures a chic appearance that makes you bold.

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Shearling jackets

Throughout the year, men have been in the limelight with this fashion trend. The best part about shearling jackets is that they are almost on every type of coat. These include denim jackets, sheepskin leather jackets, and even heavy fabric jackets. They have a cozy design and an incredible appearance which you can’t deny gives them an exceptional finish. The shearlings also are available in most colors with white shearlings dominating. 

Those are some of the trends that have seen men glow in 2019. Some are basic trends but with inclusions that make them great. Others are trends that have suddenly come to the limelight and are gradually taking over. Trends like leather jackets continue to dominate thanks to their timeless design.

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