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By Neil White

7 Exhibition Stand Design Ideas
and Why They Work

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If you are in the exhibition industry, you know that it requires constant changing and new, fresh ideas. Always having just one stand makes things boring, so it's crucial to have new stand ideas. This helps you stand out from the competition. It's also important to have fresh and out-of-the-box ideas. You should know how to attract visitors even if you are exhibiting for the first time, or if you are an experienced exhibitor. People visit exhibitions to see new things and innovation, so make sure all eyes are on you. Read on to see seven exhibitions stand ideas.

1. Interactive exhibition stand

Having an innovative interactive stand will make your visitors spend a longer time at your stand. Having an exciting concept will make sure that everyone remembers your business. This type of stand is engaging and interactive, where visitors can explore and walk around. One way to go about this is to make a „fun house“ concept, where the visitor can do fun things. Engaging your visitor's senses and allowing them to get a feel of your brand will make you stand out from the rest of competitors. If you have a new and engaging idea, visitors will want to share your stand by taking photos, videos and sharing them on social media. This will attract a new audience and possible visitors that can use your product or service.

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2. Digital exhibition stand

We live in a digital world where we are constantly being shown various pictures, video and other digital media and ways of communication. Including a digital screen in your stand will allow you to show your visitors various aspects of your business, which they would otherwise not be able to see. The videos and messages you show can be easily changed to include a lot of information. This is a great solution if you are always adding new products or services to your business that you want to promote. A digital screen will allow you to change exhibitions without having to invest in additional banners. Screens are big and flashy, and they can be an eye-catching feature of your stand. If your stand and message are visible, it will attract more visitors that are walking by.

3. Lighted exhibition stand

Similar to digital exhibition stands, lighted ones can also bring in passing visitors to your stand. Lighting can be easily changed to help accentuate different products you are showcasing. It can turn maybe plain stand to very beautiful and attractive ones. There are many types of lights you can use like LEDs, neon lights, string lights or giant lights and letters. These can add a very specific feel to your stand, and help you be more cohesive to your branding. If you prefer softer lights, consider using standing lamps, pr smaller ones in certain parts of your stand. Lights can be very effective and can change people's moods, so choose wisely. Turning on a very bright and aggressive light color can have a countereffect on your image and distract visitors.

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4. Meeting area exhibition stand

Depending on your business, having a meeting room feel and look to your stand may be the best option. These stands will make your visitors feel like they aren't in the exhibition hall, and will make them more relaxed. Shows are for doing business, so having quiet a place to have a meeting with possible business partners and investors is a must. Depending on what suits your business, you can choose just a formal desk and chairs, or something more relaxing like lounge seating with nice sofas. Including a tv and making space feel homier with some refreshments will help your partners more relaxed and open for business.

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5. Hired exhibition stand

Some agencies have the option to lend exhibition stands for hire. This is a great option for first-time exhibitors, as it doesn't require a great investment in your first-time exhibition. It's also a perfect option if you want to save on cost, or if you have a shop-type exhibition. They are usually smaller than average stands. If you want to get a feel for the exhibitions, and don't want to invest so much money, this is a great option for you. It usually doesn't allow much customization, but will give you an option to try already tested stands.

6. Realistic exhibition stand

This type of stand is perfect if you are a product seller. It's a great opportunity to make an exact space where the product might be used. Building effective exhibition stands is how you will attract visitors. This way the visitors and buyers can get the feeling of the product and even try it out in its natural place. This is a much more effective approach than showcasing your products on videos. Choosing the environment that best shows off your product is essential to appealing to the audience. Creating a „pop up“ experience that feels like a certain room where the product is used will give your audience an authentic feeling. They can try out the product and decide whether it's compatible with their space and needs.

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7. Small exhibition stand

Small exhibition stands can make a great impact on your visitors. You should design them to maximize space and showcase your product as best as possible. A small space gives you the opportunity to use your imagination and skill, where you have to incorporate everything you would in a normal stand. You can add space or even use both sides of the stand if you have the space to showcase your products better. These stands are perfect for showing graphic displays, video displays and product demos.

Having a stand in the exhibition is a big step in the career of your business. It helps you connect with potential business partners and future consumers of your product. An authentic and catching stand is what will separate you from the competitors, and will bring in visitors. Be original in constructing your stand, and you will attract many viewers and clients.

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