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By Rebecca Siggers

10 Top Foodie Destinations
Around the World

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If you’re a die-hard foodie, you ought to add culinary activities to your travel plan. Exploring fantastic foodie lands worldwide will certainly give you an unforgettably delicious experience. 

Here are the 10 top foodie destinations around the world

Marrakech, Morocco

Long known for its exotic cuisine, Marrakech, the Red City of Morocco has a myriad of interesting Mediterranean dishes paired with North African spices. For instance, you’ll love local delicacies like Hodangal, a sweet, spicy tea beneficial for digestion and B’stilla, a sweetly-spiced thin pastry with meat stuffing. 

Marrakech is full of cafes, restaurants, and food markets serving mouth-watering foods, making your trip here uniquely memorable! What’s more, you can join a food tour for trying out the local cuisine in the old part of the city. 

Don’t forget to carry back home edible souvenirs like cooking-grade argan oil and ras el hanout, a mix of about twenty different spices. 

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Fresh meals and yummy drinks await you in this large Latin American country. With Mexican cuisine having a dash of everything, would it ever be boring to eat the zesty, rich, hot and snacky enchiladas, helados and tacos reminding you of Greek salads, Indian curries, Thai food, and Spanish appetizers? 

Among the tasty drinks besides wine available here, don’t miss out on tequila, the country’s traditional spirit. 

Mexico boasts a few incredibly amazing restaurants such as the Pujol serving creative as well as inventive cuisine prepared from local ingredients. The restaurant’s exclusive menu includes various street snacks like tostadas or tortillas topped with beans or mincemeat and a pumpkin-flavored soup.

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Tokyo, Japan

The capital city of Japan and one of the dining capitals worldwide, Tokyo has more than 100,000 restaurants, making your stomach happily explore for weeks on end. Be sure to try the large variety of Japanese cuisine here, ranging from noodles and rice dishes to exotic fish meals and authentic sushi. 

For an amazing food adventure, hang out at the cool izakayas which are Japanese-style gastropubs located in the city’s back alleys. How about taking part in a Japanese tea ritual? During the ceremony, learn tons about the country’s heritage, and the proper manners of drinking tea. 

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London, England

Having nearly all types of cuisine and about fifteen hundred afternoon tea hangouts, London certainly makes a foodie’s paradise! It’s hard to imagine walking three steps sans coming across a new eatery, wine bar, or waffle bar. 

You’d also love browsing around the English capital’s busy food markets such as the Borough Market where its traders sell delicious, fresh bread, British sausages, burgers as well as exclusive cheeses. If craft beer interests you, tour a craft brewery and learn everything from beer making to identifying several flavors.

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Tuscany, Italy

If you’ve ever dreamt of making soft pasta and rich sauces, you must take cookery classes while touring the sun-kissed, vine-lined Tuscan countryside. Home of world-famous Chianti Classico wines, Chianti, a picturesque, hilly wine region in Tuscany, is easy to access and certainly a must-visit place. 

If you’re planning to drive around Tuscany, make sure to rent a car with durable roof racks so that you can carry additional stuff like camping gear.

Tuscany offers some of the most mouth-watering Italian foods like soft Chianina beef, local pork called cinta senese, and white truffles.

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Catalunya, Spain

Look forward to immersing yourself in this Spanish province’s plethora of foods, ranging from sizzling hot street food to wild mushrooms to extravagant wines. 

The typical Catalan cuisine mixes products that normally do not go well with each other. For instance, Mar (sea) and Mutanya (mountain) dishes, like paella, consisting of seafood and chicken. While touring the vineyards, don’t miss out on the sumptuous cava, Spain’s favorite sparkling wine. 

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Hawaii, USA

From farm-to-table local food to traditional feasts befitting royalty, every Hawaiian island is full of mouth-watering culinary treasures! Funky food trucks and bustling street markets are a common sight in Hawaii. 

Enjoy tasty foods like Huli Huli chicken, a Hawaiian-style barbeque, regional lemonade, and garlic shrimp.

Your trip to these American islands will be incomplete without tasting the traditional cuisine like underground-cooked kalua pork, laulau which is meat or seafood covered with taro leaves, haupia, a coconut pudding, and poke, made from raw fish, green onions, and seaweed. Also, Hawaiian-style cocktails like Mai Tai and Pina Colada are must-tries.

Melbourne, Australia

You’ll have plenty of nice restaurants to visit Down Under, especially in Melbourne, the country’s hip, dynamic city. If you’re planning your trip here in March, make sure to participate in the Food & Wine Festival of 17 days, featuring international culinary superstars preparing unforgettable dishes for you to taste. 

A unique feature of the festival is the Crawl ‘n’ Bite event, a guided tour of Melbourne’s 3 hottest restaurants where you can savor a unique small dish as well as a perfectly matched beverage. 

Melbourne’s mouth-watering street food menus include the Tagliolini al Nero, a steak of rabbit and pasta, ricotta hotcakes, turmeric pancakes, and its world-famous coffees.

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Popular worldwide as a cheese-and-chocolate destination, Switzerland offers countless foodie-centric experiences, making for a scrumptious vacation. What’s more, you can take tours in cheese and chocolate factories to learn the making processes in detail. 

You’d also like to get on the Chocolate Train that leaves from the resort town of Montreux and shuttles tourists every day to satiate themselves with outstanding cheese and chocolates.

While traveling to this beautiful country, enjoy its local cuisine like the extremely fluffy, white Zopf Bread, Rosti, a super-thick pancake made from parboiled potatoes, Nusstorte, a caramelized, nut-filled cake, and, of course, its very own wine.


If seafood is on your mind, this seafaring nation with its full-fledged fishing industry will never disappoint you. You’ll see Cataplana, the Portuguese seafood stew on menus all over the country. Grilled octopus and fried eel are also among the top favorites. Won’t you like to chase such meals down with delicious, fortified Port wine? 

Wander around the country’s popular food markets such as the Time Out Market hosting several stands of well-known regional chefs, and the Bairro Alto for an amazing drink after dinner.

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So, now you know some of the world’s best foodie destinations. Lose no time! Pack your bags, and set out on a delectable journey.

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