Thursday, April 16, 2020


By Ana Kippel

Sunny Fong
Fashion Designer

Photo courtesy of VAWK

Sunny Fong is a Toronto based fashion designer. In 2009 he won the second season of Project Runway Canada. Sunny’s formal education started in Media Arts at Ryerson University, learning the fundamentals of graphic design, photography and film production. Even completing an independent feature length film, and becoming the founding Creative Director at 9th Sphere, exploring all design possibilities of the World Wide Web. Fong is now known for being the Founder and Creative Director for his label VAWK. This extraordinary talented designer displays feminine silhouettes; and definitely recognizes how to show off a woman’s curves with a seductive and sensual sexiness. 

Fong’s win launched the VAWK brand to international acclaim, showing yearly collections at Toronto Fashion Week, dressing celebrities for the red carpet, and launching his first capsule collection in 2009.

VAWK is a Toronto-based clothing line that unites classic design technique with modern flare. Since 2004, VAWK has been designing ready-to-wear fashion that dresses the mysterious and modern day woman. Every piece of tailoring, from its silhouette down to its detailing, is an inspiration unraveling a story on the runway.

Effortlessly meticulous, playful and clear-cut, VAWK designs have international appeal and recognition. VAWK has been worn by celebrities and fashion icons, appearing on the red carpets of the Cannes International Film Festival, the Grammy Awards and the People’s Choice Awards; received numerous accolades; and continues to be a strong foundation in Canada’s fashion industry.

Designer Sunny Fong / Toronto Fashion Week (Photo courtesy of VAWK)

Fong has also created a How to Make a Mask during this time where a simple mask can make a huge difference for many people. You can create your own mask with your old/favourite tee.

Link is below… you can download the pattern.

VAWK with a Mask. (Photo courtesy of VAWK)

Watch the video tutorial here

I asked Sunny if he has any advice for the creative entrepreneurs who are having difficulty in covering expenses and are looking for suggestions to make sure their business’ stay open.

“My advice would be to take this time to reflect and see how your business and models can survive during hard times like this and thrive during good times.

I know as a designer, and having mentored new designers, everyone thinks about their product first and worries about the business later. Someone once said that “we Canadians spend so much on the product development, that we don’t spend the same amount of time selling it”.

Photo courtesy of VAWK (View the whole collection here)

Photo courtesy of VAWK (View the whole collection here)

I would say; we should find a balance and make good product and spend time selling the product to its full potential.

In the end good product can sell itself. If we look now, the only thing open is the internet and it never really shuts down. So new businesses should really learn and use the internet/e-commerce platform and how to master the sale online. There’s a ton of YouTube videos on how to set up an e-commerce site and internet marketing by using social media. 

I stay creative by making projects for myself and seeking them. I am always collecting things that inspire me and always doing research. I’m sort of a hermit and I’m usually in my bubble. But I will connect with my peers and community through social media.”

“This would be a time to learn. And grow.” Sunny Fong

Photo courtesy of VAWK

Home studio (Photo courtesy of VAWK)

Behind the scenes (Photo courtesy of VAWK)

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