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By Eva Fydrych

Best Handbags for Spring / Summer 2020

Circe Straw Beach Bag (Photo courtesy of Baginning) Click to enlarge

Getting the right handbag, a necessary item of every woman’s life, is not always an easy task. When shopping for a new bag this spring, you should consider a couple of things: functionality, style, and something that many women tend to forget about - your body type. Not every handbag is ideal for every woman.

Fashion Studio Magazine has partnered up with an online fashion boutique, Baginning, and selected a couple of trendy handbags for Spring / Summer 2020.


Being tall and slim allows you to carry almost any style. A slouchy, rounded bag will be great to compliment your look. You can also consider a stylish round straw bag (pictured above) which you can use both in the city and on the beach.

If you are on the heavier side, choose a handbag that is long and sleek or tall and rectangular. You should avoid bags that are too small, as they will look lost against your figure. The rounder your figure, the more structured your handbag needs to be. And remember: the size of your handbag should always be in proportion to your figure.

Orange Inner Pouch PVC Shoulder Tote (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

For all petite ladies out there, here are some useful fashion tips courtesy of LiveAbout: 

"Consider the size of the handbag. Looking like you are carrying a suitcase is not a good idea. Huge purses look out of proportion to a petite woman's size and make you look even smaller, so it's best to avoid them in favour of medium- to small-size bags.

A petite woman who wears a size 0 will look as though she's struggling if she carries a gigantic tote. On the other hand, a petite plus-size woman might look even bigger if she carries a tiny clutch for daytime. Keeping the proportion in balance with size means that most petite women should be carrying a medium-size bag for everyday wear. Of course, evening bags are traditionally smaller than other handbags, but even in this case, scale the evening bag so that it doesn't seem out of proportion."

Blue Rhinestone Tote seems like a perfect choice for a summer night out!

Blue Rhinestone Flower Clutch Purse (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

Pearl Mini Bucket Purse will be ideal for a Day-to-Night look:

Pearl Mini Bucket Purse (Photo courtesy of Baginning)


If you are splurging on an expensive bag, pick one that goes well with many items in your wardrobe so you will be able to wear it often. If you prefer to buy several inexpensive pieces, choose one classic everyday bag in black, brown or grey. Then, experiment with fun, unique styles and colours for your other bags.

This season you should invest in at least one beach bag. Have a look at our selection below:

Bamboo Circle Bag (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

Red and White Pompom Straw Beach Bag (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

Stripe Large Beach Shopper Bag (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

Bamboo Circle Bag (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

Handmade Bamboo Bag (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

Handmade Bamboo Bag (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

Woven Fishing Net Handbag (Photo courtesy of Baginning)

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