Thursday, May 21, 2020


By Alexa Marino

What Tech Trends
Affect Your Business This Decade?

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Numerous businesses across a range of industries benefit from innovative technologies. That’s why it’s important for business leaders to stay up-to-date on current technology trends. For instance, a retailer could coordinate with a retail app development company to create a version of their app that uses AI to suggest products to individual users based on their specific tastes. Knowing about the latest innovations is key to leveraging them before the competition does.

For instance, the following are key trends likely to affect businesses in 2020. If you own a business (or have any sort of leadership role in your organization), you should consider how they’ll affect your company.

Increased Personalization

Artificial intelligence allows companies to offer more personalized experiences to customers by monitoring their digital behavior to better “understand” their unique tastes and preferences. As a result, customers expect businesses to personalize their services to a greater degree than ever before.

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Increased Automation

Efficiency is key to the success of any business. When a human isn’t required to perform a task, a business should use another tool instead. This allows human employees to focus on other tasks and be more productive.

It’s true that businesses have been automating certain processes for a very long time already. However, this will become even more common in 2020 thanks to such developments as AI and natural language processing.

For example, it used to be necessary to hire people to work in customer service departments. That’s changing. Chatbots equipped with AI and NLP technologies can now address many customer service requests a human employee would have previously had to address. They can also remain available 24/7, offering greater convenience to customers. While there will still be times when a chatbot can’t address a particular request, the role of humans in customer service departments won’t be as substantial as it’s typically been.


You may know that companies such as Amazon already use drones to aid in such tasks as delivering packages. That said, experts predict businesses will start to use drones in new ways during 2020.

The agriculture industry provides examples of such potential developments. Some farmers have begun using drones to more efficiently assess large sections of crops. As agriculture businesses experimenting with drones start to see the benefits of this, other companies in the industry will likely follow their example.

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Remember the importance of following tech trends as they develop. Businesses that continue to thrive despite industry changes do so in part by taking advantage of new technologies early. These are merely a few innovations and trends worth following this year.

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