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By Alexa Marino

Trends Across the Major Social Media Platforms
Your Business Should Know

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There’s no way to predict the future in content and digital marketing. What experts see time and time again, however, is that social media is the best way to predict what’s coming. The first things we see on social media in both an informal and consumer-based instance is a change in behavior marked by post engagement. Something as simple as a popular brand with a large Instagram following starting a campaign based on user photo submissions can spark a whole movement across various social channels. 

For this reason, trends are going to be the best way you can keep an eye on what’s coming in digital marketing and communications. Keep ahead of the curve with these trends to track right now.

Must-Watch Trends in Social Media Happening Now

For a lot of digital marketing professionals, social media is a tricky place to manage success. Follows and engagement often correlate with increased sales and revenue, but the former doesn’t necessarily cause the latter. Here are trends that can help you shore up this gap in data.

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Influencer Marketing Matters to Many Social Users

Influencers are a great way to use informal marketing channels to convert sales and transactions. When you are a clothing designer sending samples to influencers or a retail app development agency wanting people to test your latest project, influencers are growing in scope and impressionability. 

Brands like Fabletics use influencer marketing now to kick off major projects like entire product campaigns. Likewise, clothing company Bonobos achieved major widespread success by working with influencers. While you might not only be able to rely on influencers to reach users, they need to be a part of your digital marketing plan.

Shopping on Stories is Increasing 

Facebook and Instagram utilize the Stories platform to allow users to post non-feed content. There are several perks to this environment, including an easy way to shop something a user sees. On a main feed post, there is usually a link or a few steps in between the social user seeing the product or service purchase page. In a story, you can simply see something, swipe up, and immediately land on a page that increases the chance of conversion. 

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Some companies choose to have story links lead to the purchase page. Others choose to land on a dedicated page that mirrors the brevity and style of a social media story to further educate the consumer. Either approach can be successful depending on the organization’s product or service. Stories continue to make each year’s “trends to watch” list and 2020 and beyond should show further signs of growth.

Video Continues Its Rise to Prominence

Video marketing is becoming increasingly important year after year. In 2020, 92% of marketers say that video is a crucial part of their strategy. Not only does video earn a higher ROI, but the consumption of video is ever-increasing across social media platforms. In fact, 66% of U.S. teens report watching online videos every day, a drastic jump compared to 2015.

With an increase in popularity, social media has responded by offering up more places for videos to be published. From Stories (as previously mentioned) to Facebook Live to good ol’ YouTube, there are more venues than ever for your brand’s videos to live on these sites. Video is surely only going to play an even more prominent role in marketing in the decades ahead, so it’s worth it for your business to launch a video marketing strategy or to optimize an existing one.

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Customer Service Expectations

As consumers shop online 24/7, they also desire customer service at all hours as well. Without the ability to employ someone to serve as a service rep at all hours of the day, there are options proving successful on social media. Firstly, bots on social media help to answer basic questions for users during non-work hours. 

AI bots are built-in to business profiles to an extent, such as chatbots for messenger inquiries. Other bots can help to actually post content via scheduling or rendered posts. The goal with a bot isn’t to replace the human element to content creation or marketing. Rather, bots and AI help to enhance the customer service experience and help to manage the expectations of the 24/7 user.

Why Trends Matter Now and in the Future

Trends aren’t just things you missed out on; they’re budding ways to adapt marketing strategies to ensure a great return on digital investments. Whether you adjust your strategy entirely or simply adopt a few key elements of these trends, they shouldn’t be ignored. As fast as social media trends move and influence digital engagement, these trends should be a part of your digital presence as soon as possible.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

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