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By Emma Willson

6 Ways To Tan Your Fair Skin Flawlessly

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In the early twentieth century, leading fashion designers like Coco Chanel promoted the concept of tanning. Since then, it has become a trend for most fair-skinned people to flaunt a little bit of tan at parties. While tanning gives a glowy sun-kissed look to the skin, spending too much time under the sun can cause sunburns, dark spots, and damaged skin. It can also lead to skin cancer and other long-term health problems. Getting tanned in the tanning bed is also harmful due to the exposure to radiation. Yet, we want to have a lustrous tanned skin. So, can we get a tan without sunburn? To answer that, we have curated six ways to tan your fair skin flawlessly.

1. Sunscreen

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People with light skin often get sunburns, skin discoloration, and uneven skin tone after visiting the beach or pool. Preventing sunburn should be the first step towards a flawless tan. Using a sunscreen with SPF 30 and above works well in shielding skin from UVA and UVB rays. 

After applying the sunscreen, sunbathe yourself for 15 minutes initially and then gradually increase the tanning time to 30 minutes. The logic behind this method is that small tanning sessions prevent intense tanning while keeping the sun protection intact. 

Apply sunscreen at least half an hour before going out—activities like swimming and volleyball cause sweating, which washes off the sun protection. Therefore, if you involve yourself in strenuous outdoor daytime activity, re-apply sunscreen every 15 to 20 minutes. 

2. Tan Superfoods

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We all know healthy eating habits are good for a healthy and robust body. Similarly, eating certain fruits and vegetables can affect skin color. Studies suggest that consuming carotene-rich fruits and vegetables can give a natural tan. 

Multiple serving of skin superfoods like tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, and dark, leafy vegetables can warm up the natural skin tone. They have potent antioxidants called carotenes that influence the skin pigmentation.

Skin coloration achieved by consuming carotene-rich foods gives a healthier sun-kissed glow as compared to the one achieved through tanning under the sun. Consuming carotenes is not just good for skin, but also keeps the immune system strong, maintains a healthy heart, and strengthens bones. However, be cautious not to over-indulge in carotenes. Excessive consumption of carotene-rich foods can cause a skin-disorder called carotenemia, which gives a pale yellow discoloration to the skin. 

3. Exfoliation

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Exfoliation prepares soft skin for even tanning. It sheds the dead skin cells, opens the pores, and reveals new skin. A nicely exfoliated skin can easily absorb skincare products and tanners. Studies show that exfoliation makes the skin strong and improves the physical barrier that prevents harmful toxins from entering our body. If you do not exfoliate your skin properly before getting a tan, it can cause blotchy tans. 

Choose an exfoliator that comprises organic components and essential oils that can inhibit the overdrying of the skin while exfoliating. Organic exfoliation prevents any redness and skin rashes while removing the dull, flaky skin. People with skin-sensitivity should choose an exfoliator with sugar rather than salt. Sugar is a more delicate exfoliator than salt and is less susceptible to skin irritation. 

4. Tanning Lotion

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Now that skin prepping is done, it is time to apply tanning lotion. A tanning lotion accelerates the tanning process by increasing blood circulation and melanin production. It contains ingredients like dihydroxyacetone or DHA that interacts with the skin's amino acids to make the skin darker in a controlled manner.

The primary reason behind using tanning lotion is to keep the skin moisturized because both indoor and outdoor tanning can dehydrate the skin. The moisturization helps retain the tan while keeping the skin healthy, hydrated, and smooth. Tanning lotions include moisturizing agents like hemp seed oil and other essential oils that protect the skin from dryness.

Take a good amount of tanning lotion into the palm and apply it evenly over the skin to avoid dark patches.

5. Bronzer

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A bronzer is a great tool that can provide an instant tan with a shining and dusky look. Bronzers come in different formulas like cream, liquid, and loose powder. They are available in different shades like red, coral, peach, and brown. They are affordable and easy to apply to the whole body and face using a big fluffy brush.

Because of a wide variety of shades, choosing a bronzer can be tricky i.e., the right shade for a person depends on the degree of fairness and the desired intensity of the tan. A good thumb rule is to select a shade that is just half a shade darker than your natural skin tone. It will give a subtle glow yet avoid a muddy look. 

Use the bronzer brush to apply the bronzer nicely along the cheeks and temples. Then start applying on the shoulder, arms, and legs. Gently blend the product to merge the harsh lines and dissolve the product for a flawless finish. A bronzer with a little bit of shimmer is good for dry-skinned people, whereas a matte bronzer is ideal for oily-skinned people. 

6. Moisturizer

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Whether it is an indoor tanning or outdoor tanning, both can dehydrate your skin. Sometimes, even after applying sunscreen, tanning can damage the skin, make it dry, and put a lot of stress. Therefore, to hydrate your skin, apply a generous amount of moisturizer before using any tanning product. 

Even after one gets the desired shade of tan, let the skin rejuvenate by applying a cooling lotion and moisturizer. One such natural moisturizer is Aloe vera. It cools the skin and quickly heals the damaged skin.

Use a light moisturizer instead of body oils and sprays to avoid the stickiness.

Whether going for a beach party or a brunch date, a flawless sun-kissed look is easy to achieve with the above tips. Tanning promotes a more defined look for your facial features, triceps, chest, and abs. Choose the right tanning products based on your skin type. Remember to take care of your hair too, as they also go through a lot of sun damage. Dewy skin and beachy hair look excellent and last long when followed with proper skincare sessions.

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