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By Goran Kezić

5 Tips How to Break The Rules of Style
The Right Way

Photo courtesy of Goran Kezić

This probably happened a lot to you lately. You look at your clothes and you don’t know what to wear. Yes, there’s a bunch of amazing pieces you could wear, you just don’t feel like wearing them as you used to.

Still, fashion like anything else in this world has rules of its own. Luckily, like any other rules, they are meant to be broken.

When Rules are Meant to be Broken

If you are thinking about wearing a green blazer with rubber work boots, you can drop it immediately. To break fashion rules you have to know them like the back of your palm. 

And, just like a master swordsman can overcome various rules of swordsmanship, you can also overcome rules of fashion. Yet, to do that, you have to have a lot of experience and a developed fashion sense. 

Yet, before you venture into all that, there are other, smaller changes you can implement to break the rules. For serious advice just visit and find out whether you have to pair up the suit and the tie.

Photo courtesy of Goran Kezić

Suit and a Tie 

So, if you didn’t check the link for a broader explanation of the issue, let’s break it down in simpler terms. You don’t have to wear a suit coupled with a tie at all times. But, to give the tie the respect it deserves, try to understand why the tie is so important. 

The tie is what brings complexity and elegance to your look. When you put on the tie, you immediately level up your look and get an aura of seriousness and style. Suddenly, you are ready to attend almost any event. 

But, it’s not like you have to wear it with a suit at all times. If you are able to emphasize the collar, you can avoid wearing the tie. When you do that, however, you want to use more accessories, and enrich your neck area. 

Yet, you can also wear a necktie without a suit. 

Photo courtesy of Goran Kezić

Ties With Casual Jackets 

Tie and a casual jacket plays down as an eccentric look or a hipster look. It’s great for work in business-casual environments. Especially if you are working at start-ups, in marketing departments, or other white-collar jobs with young management. 

The idea here is to combine casual pants, shoes or sneakers, a fine yet casual jacket with a shirt and a tie. When you wear it like this you are playing with pieces, creating this urban style that works wonders in various environments. 

Take note that a casual jacket can mean a lot of things. It can be a safari jacket, a college jacket, or some other jacket vintage or other you have in your closet. Though, the rule that the tie should always be darker than the shirt still applies. 

Remember, going for an eccentric or alternative look means that you should still look great. Yet, you should remain playful. 

How About the Sneakers? 

Photo courtesy of Goran Kezić

If that sounds too complicated, try to put sneakers into the picture. Sneakers are a great way to break the rules of style. When you look at pop culture, you can see a lot of references to the designer or branded clothes and footwear, like Balenciaga for example. 

For most people though, buying such expensive shoes isn’t possible. So, when you go for sneakers, you should think about how they are complementing other pieces you are going to wear. 

Then, there are obvious answers like wearing denim and casual clothes. Still, you could for something more creative like wearing sneakers with chinos, tee-shirt, and a jacket. This is great for people in the art scene or just people with love for all things artsy. 

Certainly, a look for younger people who feel free to experiment and have a lot of confidence. Also, it goes well with another thing. 

Casual Tailoring 

Yes, casual tailoring doesn’t mean you should get an Italian tailor just for you. On the contrary, it means that you are going to get various pieces of different lengths which you are going to combine together. 

Here, a thrift shop could become your greatest friend. Breaking this rule means that you are going to defy the very basic idea of style. That is to wear such pieces that don’t conform to the cut. 

This means that you are going to combine pieces like shorts and blazers. Thus, you can play around, combine them, and create a perfect style. 

People go for this style because it allows them to combine amazing pieces in their wardrobe, which they wouldn’t normally wear together. And, to make it even better, this opens them for other possibilities. 

If you can apply casual tailoring, then you can get even more creative. 

Photo courtesy of Goran Kezić

Tee Shirt and Trousers 

This may sound a bit bland, but, it’s actually a great way to improve your style. Trousers are traditionally a more stylish piece of apparel you can wear. And, they are usually combined with a blazer or a sweater. 

Also, they go so well with shirts, especially collared shirts. Yet, the way to downplay it and get more style is to wear it with a tee-shirt. When you wear it with a tee-shirt you look more stylish, achieving a sort of sports elegance. 

Then, the tee-shirt helps you and opens you up to the possibility of wearing other pieces like sneakers, jackets, and even blazers. If you wear it with shoes and blazers, there’s a high probability you are going to look similar to Yves Saint Lauren on those vintage pictures. 

Or, if you go for sneakers, trousers, tee, and a jacket, you are going to hit that hipster or urban vibe. However, you play it, make sure to add some accessories, and you’ll have an amazing style.

Take It Your Way 

Finally, whatever you choose to do, make sure to wear those pieces that make you feel awesome. Having style is great, but being comfortable and confident in your skin is even greater. 

When you feel great, you are going to get that natural glow that is more important than any stylistic tip you can ever use.

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