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By Geraldine Mills

Hiking Clothes
8 Essential Clothing You Should Have in Your Closet

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Hiking might seem like a hobby initially, but that doesn't exempt you from buying the right gears. This includes essential hiking clothes.

On that note, we have listed down eight hiking clothes that you should have in your closet:

Short and long-sleeve shirts

When it comes to basic hiking clothes, it is imperative to a couple of shorts and long-sleeve shirts. You can layer these clothes when it is cold and wear as is during a summer hike.

The long-sleeve shirt is a great way to protect yourself from the sun's heat, as long as it is not thick. However, long-sleeve shirts are better for hiking during the colder season.

Stick to a zip-neck long-sleeve shirt that is not too loose. That way, it sticks to your body well.

When it comes to short-sleeve shirts, these are better for warmer climates. However, it does depend on your preferences.

Some people will wear sleeveless shirts if it’s unusually hot. But if you’re wearing a backpack, the straps of the bag might rub your shoulders too much.

Having a short-sleeved shirt, on the other hand, can prevent that from happening.

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Hiking Pants

Hiking pants are a great pair of pants that you can change into shorts or pants whenever you need to. Aside from that, they’re not bulky like jeans, and they’re usually breathable if you get them from a trusted brand. You won’t have to worry about the lack of comfort because hiking pants keep the satisfaction of hikers in mind.

You’ll be able to move around with a reliable pair of hiking pants. It can also protect you from the external elements well.

Rain Pants

Another pair of pants that you might want to consider would be rain pants. If you’re going for a hike during a rainy or snowy season, you must be wearing a pair of rain pants.

If you don’t think you’re going to be hiking in places that experience a lot of rain but still want rain pants, you should get a lightweight one.

Rain Jacket

A crucial staple clothing that you should bring with you when you’re hiking is a rain jacket. The crux of your hiking outfit should be a high-quality rain jacket. This will allow you to maneuver around during your hike without the rain hindering your movement.

There is one quality that your rain jacket should have no matter what.

Whether you’re getting a thick or a thin rain jacket, you should want to have a waterproof rain jacket. A water-resistant is not as good as a waterproof rain jacket.

Aside from that, you should have a breathable rain jacket. That way, you can wear it even when you hike in hotter weather than you thought.

Also, try to avoid rain jackets that are too bulky, so it’s not difficult to bring with you. At most, your rain jacket should be the size of your average water bottle when you roll it.

There’s nothing worse than hiking under the pouring rain without some sort of protection.

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Down Jacket

If you’re hiking in colder climates, it would be remiss if you don’t bring a down jacket.

Down jackets (or synthetic jackets) can be more expensive than some jackets, but that’s because high-quality ones do their jobs well.

They can keep warm air inside the jacket, so you don’t get cold when you’re out and hiking in colder climates. It will also be a good idea to have a down jacket with a hood to keep your ears warm.

Fleece Jacket

Speaking of hiking clothes when in colder weather, you should replace your cotton jacket with a fleece jacket.

Here's the thing: Cotton loses its insulating abilities when wet. Although it dries quickly, cotton can also be warm for your body.

If you ever feel like it’s going to rain in your hiking destination, but you’re not sure, then wearing a fleece jacket is the way to go.

Sandy Liang Barn Fleece Jacket in Cream | FWRD (Photo courtesy of Unsplash)

Wool Socks

Wool socks are excellent socks that are better for your feet in two significant ways.

First off, they can provide a soft barrier between your feet and the constant friction with your hiking boots. Second, they help control the temperature in your shoes.

You should get yourself wool socks that go above your boots so your feet get protection.


Your hat of choice will depend on the season or weather when you go on that hike. If it’s sunny, you need, at least, a cap with a rim, so you don’t suffer under the bright gaze of the sun. For winter hiking, you need to wear a beanie that fits you so it can stay on your head.

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Over to You

When you have the eight essential hiking clothes listed on this post, consider your wardrobe all set.

These pieces of clothing can get you anywhere and are the heart of any right hiking outfit. Therefore, make sure that you keep these in your closet, so you’re ready for anything.

Mount Zirkel Wilderness, Walden, United States

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