Sunday, August 9, 2020


By Eva Fydrych

3 Colours to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer colour palette (Photos courtesy of Prestarrs and Unsplash) Click to enlarge

Our new fashion collaboration is here! Prestarrs offers a great selection of shift dresses for women and we were asked to select our favourite styles.

For Summer 2020, we highly recommend bright, vivid colours such as red, pastel colours such as powder pink, and always in fashion - dark green.

Have a look at our selection below and let us know which dress you like most!

1. Eye-catching Red

Hooded Color Block Shift Dress
Hooded Color Block Shift Dress (Photo courtesy of Prestarrs)

Combining relaxed, everyday style with a touch of glamour, this vibrant red dress can be styled in many different ways. Depending on the occasion, you can wear it with white sneakers and your favourite backpack or add some stylish accessories for a more elegant look. 

"If you choose to meet your friends for lunch and a coffee, it’s now seen as fashionable to turn up in your favourite branded black leggings and logo printed sports hoodie. Some say that the athleisure trend misleads others into thinking that the wearer is physically fit and healthy. On the other hand, it’s predicted that more casual, sports-focused clothing is more acceptable in today’s busy lives, where comfort is key." - Source: Guest Contributor

2. Cute Pink

Round Neck Slit Pocket Plain Shift Dress (Photo courtesy of Prestarrs)

For all those who love comfort but still want to look cute and fashionable, we recommend the pink dress pictured above. Its loose style will hide any extra kilograms and help you get that effortless off-duty vibe.

Wear it with a colourful crossbody bag in blue, yellow or fuchsia.

"While dressed in sports apparel, women are pairing these outfits up with glossy hair and subtle makeup looks. In a nutshell, the athleisure trend has made sportswear a fashion statement." - Source: Guest Contributor

3. Fashionable Green

V-neck Solid Color Plus Size Shirt Shift Dress (Photo courtesy of Prestarrs)

If you are looking for a dress that's very easy to transition from summer to fall, opt for a darker colour such as green pictured above. You can also select one of the fashion dresses with longer sleeves, thicker fabric, and mid-calf length.
When the summer days are over, wear it with black tights, snake print handbag, and a short cardigan or black leather jacket.

"Fall is also a great time to make your outfit more interesting and to play with patterns, colors and textures. It is also amazing how you can wear tights and combine them with summer clothes that you are not ready to say goodbye to yet. Tights can be very cheap and the good thing is that they will help you wear your summer skirts and dresses longer. However, bear in mind that the color of your tights is very important. Since it is fall, it would be good to either opt for brown or dark brown, or dark grey and black (which is probably the best option)." - Source: Claire Hastings


  1. Wow! A colourful post indeed! I am in love with the V-neck shift dress. The pink shift dress looks trendy and elegant. My sister, a fashion designer, insists I wear vibrant coloured outfits. I love to wear trendy hairstyles along with stylish outfits. I follow some age-old hair care tips of my grandmother to avoid damage to my hair.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! What's your sister's website? I would love to see. :)



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