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World's Most Expensive and Luxury E-Cigarette
and Vape Mods to Try

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If your budget allows, why not try expensive and luxury vapes which will define your class and give a wonderful experience? For your information, such devices are often used by celebrities and prominent business people or politicians. If anything, they will improve your vaping experience.

Fortunately, one can easily graduate from JUULs and simple vaping pens to expensive e-cigarettes and vape mods. You can certainly use these devices as a beginner if you want to start on a high note.

But do you know which they are and where to buy them? If you are not aware, this article has got you covered. It has some important information on the world’s most popular, expensive, and luxury e-cigarettes and vape mods you can try today.

Diamond E-Cigarettes in Russia

Pure diamond transforms any device from simple to one of the most expensive. One Russian oil billionaire wanted to impress his girlfriend and ended up ordering an e-cigarette coated with over 240 2-carat diamonds. The idea was to entice her to quit smoking and adopt vaping instead. It is thought that he must have spent about $887,000 to buy this device.

This has so far been the most expensive custom-made vaping device in the world and the tycoon was amazed by how dazzling it looked.

Other celebrities and prominent people have been spotted vaping diamond-coated vape mods and e-cigarettes, but none is thought to be as expensive as this particular one.

Gold Vaping Devices

High-end vaping devices are made of metallic chassis and can be finished with other materials. Today, it is common to find gold-coated e-cigs and mods in many designer shops. They are highly-priced and often customized to the needs of the customers. This means that you have to pre-order your device.

If you want to feel great when vaping, golden vape pens and mods are the devices to go for. But if you are interested in buying hookah and e-cigs that are durable but in the ordinary category, hop over to this website.

Gemstone E-Cigs

For those who love style and class, they already know that gemstones make an impression. Whether you go for emerald, topaz, fire opal, or any other, they can be embedded on a vaping device. Their value depends on the carats.

Just like in the case of gold and diamonds, vaping devices that have these gemstones are very expensive. In fact, some fall in the category of the most expensive.

How to Buy Expensive Vaping Devices

Apart from diamond, gold, and gemstones, vape devices that are finished using expensive hardwood are also quite pricey. You often get these e-cigarettes and vape mods in designer shops that sell them alongside jewelry and other valuable devices. They are typically highly customized to suit your needs now that you have to cough up a lot of money.

Take all the precautions to avoid getting duped, which is common when dealing with expensive metals and stones. If possible, use a reliable broker who is skilled in checking the legitimacy of the stones and value for money.

With the above insights, you will be content that every one of your coins was used in the right way. Ultimately, you will enjoy everything about these expensive vape devices.

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