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 By Luke Douglas

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Are you an adventurous couple that just can’t wait any longer to leave the house and travel? Or do you have somewhere to be but don’t want to risk anything with planes and other public transport? No matter what your motivation behind your road trip is, you’re bound to have a blast if you’re taking your favorite person with you. Or do you? Couple’s road trips can get tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so read this guide that will ensure your trip goes smoothly. 

Pack plenty of snacks

Do you guys get hungry? Don’t risk it, but bring plenty of snacks for in-between stops. Also, invest in good travel mugs and water bottles so you can enjoy your favorite hot and cold beverages and hydrate like pros. 

Check for outlets

You’re probably bringing your smartphones, a tablet, maybe even a laptop or a gaming console. But what will you do when they run out of juice and you have nowhere to plug them in? Chaos! Avoid that nightmare scenario by ensuring you have a place to charge your devices in the car and pack all the chargers with you. Some vehicles even have outlets at the back—very handy if you’re tailgating. 

Get good GPS

Directions can get the better of even the strongest couple, especially in cities with those pesky one-way streets and horrible roundabouts. If you don’t want to get lost and start yelling at your partner, invest in simple GPS with good audio, so if you get taken down the wrong road, you know who’s responsible. These systems can take a lot of stress away and allow you to enjoy the road instead of dreading it. 

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Check the weather in advance

You don’t want to be caught by surprise snow or torrent rains while you’re on the road. Extreme weather can cause a lot of tension between passengers and seriously jeopardize your safety. So make sure to check the weather in advance so you know how to pack and equip your vehicle. If there’s snowy or rainy weather coming your way, invest in 4wd tyres that will get you through all weather conditions. Good tyres, two blankets, umbrellas and an ice scraper will definitely come in handy when nature turns on you. 

Take regular stops

When you’ve been driving for hours, you can get restless and cause a scene. Avoid these moments of tension by taking regular rest stops that will ensure the mood in the car stays chill. These stops will give you time to stretch, unwind and grab something to eat. After all, you’re not racing anyone to get to your destination, so you might as well take your time to rest and recharge your batteries. 

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Ensure you have plenty of entertainment

Traveling with your loved one is never boring, but after a few days in the car, you might be left without any interesting subjects to talk about. In that case, arm yourself with plenty of entertainment. It’s always fun to play your favorite songs and organize mini-concerts, but you can also listen to an audiobook once you lose your voices from singing. Ensure you sync your phones with your audio player so you can always have your eyes on the road. 

Organize a road trip date night

Date nights are super important for a relationship, no matter if you’re at home or on the road. The good news is that you can easily have a fun date night during your road trip which will allow you to enjoy each other’s company in a different setting. Find a nice restaurant and have dinner followed by a romantic walk around the destination and one or two drinks before you retire for the night. This will send good vibes your way and ensure all the tension between you two is gone. 

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If you are driving across America, you can do something special and order an elegant limo service at Arriving at your dinner in style will be for sure one of the most memorable moments of your trip!

Take some time apart

When you’re at home, it might seem like you spend all your time together, but you probably have at least an hour of alone time. To stay sane, take some time apart and go see a movie while your partner works out. Or good for a late-night walk while your partner reads a book before bed. Also, avoid discussing sensitive topics while on the road. Unless you’re fine with getting into an argument without a possibility to separate to cool off, it’s best to keep things light. Time apart and the right discussion topics can do miracles for your road trip! 

Be spontaneous at least a little bit

It’s smart to plan major attractions, activities and stops, but you’ll see that oftentimes those unplanned stops make the best memories. If you have time to stop somewhere and grab lunch, do it. You might meet amazing people, see interesting things and just have a spontaneous blast of fun. Remember to stay on schedule but also be flexible when it comes to activities. 

These tips will get you and your partner road trip ready. You will manage to avoid more serious fights than light bickering and ensure you’re both safe, comfortable and happy—that’s what it’s all about!

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